It’s December 1941 – The Germans have started to push deep into Russia and are on the verge of taking Moscow and ensuring the collapse of the Soviet Union. Little known to the Germans; the Soviets have created a new Super Tank to crush the Reich. You are thrust into the role of the Tank Commander, you’ll be leading the Red Army’s charge against the Nazi’s and will be the one to reclaim the Eastern Front. A throwback to the classic era of Arcade games with updated features and enhanced graphics. You will experience an alternate history for the Eastern front, featuring secret Soviet and Nazi technology. You will come across mutant super-soldiers, Nazi Robots and secret Soviet projects. Defend Russia and take the fight back to Berlin liberating cities and villages as you prepare to face the Nazi Regime and their secret weapons. The Red Front is currently in Alpha Development with a target release of October 2017.

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Warsaw and Berlin are the latest two missions for The Red Front. See the preview of these levels and register for Review Keys.

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This week has been spent developing the last two story-driven levels for The Red Front.


Warsaw has been designed with the majority of the fighting to happen within the city streets. The fighting will be a lot more intense with a lot more direct fire driven down short corridors. The same streets cause the German Bombers (Luftwaffe) to be even more dangerous as the player and allied troops have very little room to dodge.

The additional unique scenario to this mission is the Soviet troops will enter the map from both the East and the West, effectively creating a pincer attack on the Nazi Troops who are defending their position in Warsaw.

Warsaw so far has been one of the most rewarding missions to develop and has very much shifted the game play experience to deliver a more intense battle.


The final story-driven mission for The Red Front is set in Berlin, on this stage the player will come across Hitler in the German Uber-tank for the final battle to overthrow the Reich.

Berlin is currently still in development, though much like Warsaw a large potion of the battle will be focused around the city streets.

This will be the final story-driven mission in The Red Front as it effectively marks the end of World War Two. However, additional missions are planned to be added in the form of secret levels and free DLC updates.

Berlin will also see the final enemies unleashed on the battlefield and the more difficult enemies (mutant super soldiers) from the first wave.

Additional Changes

  • Minor changes to enemy AI to make them more reactive to Soviet Troops and more responsive to the player.

New Media

Watch the new levels in action in the video below:

This week we will be working on finalising Berlin, developing Hitlers Uber-Tank (the final boss battle) and begin work on the secret level.

Development of The Red Front is quickly drawing to the end, for interest in a review key for any reviewers or streamers, apply below!

Review Key Registration

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