The Protectors is a stand-alone mod of the game Warlords Battlecry 3 (i.e. it can be run without having the original game installed - 100% free full mod). It is an improved RTS/RPG game with new campaigns, quests, terrain, units, items, heroes, modding features and more. Beta versions available for download!

Post feature Report RSS Changelog 0.8.8 (part 3)

Presenting general changes made to the game in version 0.8.8 (from 0.8.7).

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*Fixed bug where actions having 0 or negative cost would still do crown checks

*Fixed NIS command Act. Documentation updated

*Staying too much in Ehlariel in Chapter 1 now summons King Lunarion and his golden armada

*The Duernothian Cult reaches version 1.3: Fixed grammar and problems with some maps; Turim is now rewarded as a Hammerguard (new unit); added more choices, hidden bonuses, a new location and nis events in world map; added companion speech lines dependent on optional variables; adjusted some scenario’s aesthetics; added one easter egg depending on a variety of conditions

*Reworked the estimated scenario difficulty algorithm

*Implemented the new MAP side tag nodefeat

*Updated a map from Chapter 1 with new snow terrain

*Fixed Conquest Campaign treasure hunt 4 map

*Implement “fixed” attribute for Act cost tag

*Fixed Conquest Campaign treasure hunt 4 cost

*Added cancel button when replacing retinue on the world map

*Slightly adjusted Chapter 2 dialogue to better fit lore

*Random weather is now enabled for campaign scenarios

*Fixed bug where advanced options from skirmish would be used in campaign scenarios

*Added Puzzle Quest calendar for knights

*Fixed Chapter 1 ambush scenarios

*Reduced difficulty of the Ar Ambush in all campaigns

*Fixed Chapter 1 final scenario

*Fixed some towers in Magee’s Campaign not allowing units to ungarrison


*Fixed bug where completed quests would not update the quest building in multiplayer

*Fixed bug where building rewards would still get a timer despite being permanent

*Item quest rewards may now offer more fixed types of items

*Improved random unit reward customizability

*Added new quest condition winexpire

*Added new quest condition kill specific hero race

*Added new quest condition kill specific hero class

*Destroying a quest building with evil reward no longer makes the hero evil

*Quests are no longer generated for heroes who already have an ongoing quest
*Added 3 more quests to the Shrine

*Added 3 more quests to the Mausoleum

*Added 3 more quests to the Pyramid

*Item Penalty now spawns the item near the quest building, not the hero

*Quest reports now auto-update

*Fixed bug on bribing not updating properly in multiplayer

*Fixed bug where hero-only conditions would still count actions from buildings


*Increased mercenary types to 12 (was 3)

*Campaign actions and ambushes can now have a custom opening sound

*The 3 smallest grass plants from the Ancient Foliage features group has been relocated to the Grass Plants group (and no longer obstruct pathing)

*The 3 mushrooms from Ancient Foliage, as well as the 7 jungle plants from Grass Trees, have been relocated to a new group called Wild Growth

*All other trees and bushes from Ancient Foliage have been moved to the Grass Trees group

*Renamed the Grass Trees group to “Trees and Bushes”

*Renamed WBC3’s standard trees to Big Trees

*Renamed WBC1’s medium trees to Small Trees

*Renamed WBC1’s big trees to Medium Trees

*Added 6 features from Ahatch’s 1.035 mod: sunflowers (2 features), aspens (2 features), arranged saplings and the splitting log - they will be included in the quantities below for the respective feature groups

*Added 3 new features to the Civil group (Chopping Block from 1.03.5 / WBC1 Primitive Hut / WBC2 Archery Range)

*Added 1 new feature to the War group (WBC1 Gravestone)

*Added 2 new features to the Grass Plants group (Sunflowers from 1.03.5)

*Added 1 new feature to the Trees and Bushes group (Aspen from 1.03.5)

*Added 1 new feature to the Dead Trees group (Dead Aspen from 1.03.5)

*Added 4 new features to the Overgrowth group (Bulrushes)

*Added 4 new jungle road tiles: transitions to grass roads

*Added 2 new grass road tiles: shallow crossings that join to road

*Jungle Ruined Features are now apart of the Jungle group instead of the Jungle Ruins group

*Added 4 new Lava tiles: 2 spot and 2 diagonal tiles

*Added 10 new Desert Coast tiles: 2 spot, 4 diagonal and 4 inside corner variation tiles

*Added 6 new Desert Features tiles: 6 variations of grassy patches
*Added 14 new Desert Transition tiles: all 14 are transitions to the WBC2 Desert terrain

*Added 14 new WBC1 Grass Transition tiles: all 14 are transitions to the WBC2 Desert terrain

*Added 12 new WBC2 Marsh tiles: 4 diagonals / 2 spot tiles for grass-marsh and 4 diagonals / 2 spot tiles for dirt-marsh

*Added 1 new W4 tile-Cultivated patch which fits with wbc3 grass

*Added new tileset - Snow Caves, containing 36 tiles
*Moved the Snow Hills to the Snow group (was in the Mountain group)

*Implemented new scenario sizes (320x320, 384x384, 448x448, 512x512 and 1024x1024)

*Features are now organised on groups and subgroups

*Empire now list Battering Rams, Catapults (and Ballistae) in their unit section

*Corrected some NIS commands when owner was defeated (Owner, AddUnit, AddBuilding)

*Improved the Move Feature function

*Implemented new ACT reward type “companion”

*Fixed bug where a random tag name would be given to newly created units

*Added 4 new “strong” towers. Placeable only through the Editor or received as a quest reward

*New cave tile transitions to: lava, rock and water

*Fixed bug where trying to view a map in the scenario list that had the hidden icon option enabled wouldn’t load any map images at all

*Added new event Give Four Armies

*Event effects can now be set to have a quantity of 0

*Fixed bug where Side Defeated event condition would not work on resigning

*Implemented stats conditions for NIS commands

*Implemented “crowns less than or equal” condition for NIS commands

Random Map Generator

---GOMs are small pre-built sections of land that the RMG uses to build a map with---

*Added 23 new GOMs to the Outlands theme

*Added 2 new GOMs to the Wetlands theme

*Added 43 new GOMs to the Lava theme

*Added 2 new GOMs to the Grassland theme

*Added 3 new GOMs to the Desert theme

*Removed the pyramid terrain feature from the Desert theme
*Removed the platform tiles from the Grassland theme

*Renamed the Lava theme to Volcanic

*Redesigned the entire jungle theme, making it much denser, added in potential rivers and has loads of ambient SFX

*New theme - Archipelago. A theme based around small islands linked together by bottlenecks

*Improved the algorithm for placing utilities

*Shops are no longer spawned in No heroes and No quests game modes

*Fixed bug where GOM0 would not get used.

*Mines and towers are no longer spawned in No Building game mode

*Fixed bug where starting towers and mines would sometimes miss a location and not be placed

*Resource Wagons may now be spawned around the map instead of item chests

*Added bandit lair into the RMG

*Players can now define a pool of terrain themes and utility types for the RMG to work with instead of the previous “all-or-nothing”. This is done in a game lobby on the usual RMG terrain and utility dropdown list on the top-left corner.


*Added 1 official scenario from I2: Cavemen

*Added 4 new scenarios by Kharn: Crashing the Festival / An Epic Adventure / Inside Out / Agrikillture

*Removed 1 scenario by Kharn: Mt Silver

*Added 3 new scenario by Joe the Bartender: Streets of Lysea / Chasm / Dragoncrest Peak

*Added 1 new skirmish mission by Moon3: Thrones

*Assault on Cerebrus and Goblin City are now adapted for skirmish missions

*Added a WBC2 scenario remake by Zeto and Joe the Bartender: Four Small Forts

*Added 3 scenarios by Zeto: Fields of Death, Pangeya and Elemental Cave

*Elduin’s Vale: replaced the milestone camp for gravestone camp

*All maps made by Kharn now have 15 ASP set by default (was 50)

*Higher Up: Fixed a few missing tiles

*Desert Cliffs: Fixed a few missing tiles

*Harpy Food Island: Renamed “Harpy Island” and removed sides 5 and 6

*Lake Side Quest: Renamed “Lakes Scylla and Charybdis”

*Treasure Trove Cove: Renamed “Pirates’ Cove”

*Wet Dry World: Renamed “A Dying World”

*Modified the start locations of many maps, as well as making a few changes here and there on a few maps

*Implemented Cooperative Missions (hereafter, Co-Mission/s), especially for Multiplayer

*Esgaard Forest, Knights of Etheria and Naval Wars skirmish scenarios are now Co-Missions

*Vunduur Single Player Mission is now a Co-Mission


*Fixed bug where Dexterity would increase conversion time instead of decreasing it

*Fixed Evasion hero skill

*Heroes now start with 3 retinue slots (was 1)

*Elemental Resistance now gives +3 elemental resistance per point (was +2)

*Paladin hero class renamed to Master Paladin

*Druid hero class renamed to High Druid

*Summoner hero class renamed to Daemonologist

*The hero assassination skill now only triggers if the target is below a certain amount of HP. Increasing the skill also increases the HP amount allowed to trigger the assassination

*Dragonslayer skill now deals extra damage against flying units (was dragons)

*Destroying shops will now give +1 to your Selfish perk (was +1 Evil)

*Temporary heroes level 1-3 unlocked

*Cowardslayer now deals extra damage vs ranged hero units as well

*Fixed bug where chests were opened while the hero was building

*Witch Hunter skill now affects wizard hero classes as well

*Knight Protector skill no longer applies to Doomknights when playing as undead (they get the xp when morphing to Dread Knights)

*Perks may no longer be changed on level up

*Riding hero skill now affects Hydra, Cryohydra and Pyrohydra as well

*Deathknight now has Leech hero skill instead of Smite Good

*Fixed bug where Converting Proficiency would not affect Phoenixes, Scoutships and Ancient Treants

*Hero modes now correctly give xp bonus at the end of battle

*Mighty Blow skill now gives +1 damage per point (was +2)

*Ferocity skill now gives +1.5 combat per point (was +3)

*Reworked handicapping system. It is now dependant on skill points and items values

*Fixed bug where temporary heroes would get 5 extra skill points than a normal hero would

*Paladins now have Elemental Resistance (was Knight Protector)

*Monks now have Swiftness, Ferocity, Chronomancy, Ignore Armor (was Mighty Blow, Elemental Resistance, Magic Resistance, Swiftness)

*Thieves now have Thievery, Ferocity, Running, Double Dealer, Convincing (was Running, Thievery, Convincing, Illusion Magic, Double Dealer)

*Only Proficiency and Ranged perks are now investable

*Synergy skills now don’t lower the level requirement of the skill

*Convincing now reduces conversion time by 1.5 seconds per level (was -2% per level)

*Weaponmaster skill now progresses as a curve (was +2% per level)

*New skill Shattering Palms added to the Monk class

*Fixed bug where newly created Multiman heroes could still enter single player games

*Fixed minor issue in the hero quiz

*New skill Fervor added to the Master Paladin class

*New skill Bow Mastery added to the Ranger class

*New skill Woodcraft added to the Ranger class

*Warlocks now have Summoning Magic, Chaos Magic, Regeneration, Constitution

*New skill Bloodrite added to the Warlock class

*Shadow Strength skill now gives +3 combat per point (was +5)

*Demolition skill now gives +5 damage per point (was +10)

*Slimemaster skill now gives +2xp per point (was +3)

*Traditionalist perk now give +8 spellcasting +2% mana cost per point (was +20 spellcasting, +5% mana cost)

*Experimentalist perk now give -7 spellcasting -2% mana cost per point (was -15 spellcasting, -5% mana cost)

*The hero data file is now named after the game’s version, allowing 0.8.8 to be ran along side older versions of the game

*Fixed bug where Double Dealer skill would not always work

*Wealth, Smelting, Quarrying and Gemcutting hero skills now also provide +10 of each resource at the beginning of a match

*Merchant skill renamed to Frugal Investor and now also provides +10 of each resource at the beginning of a match

*Death Rune, Life Rune, Arcane Rune, Sky Rune and Forest Rune now have diminishing returns

*Daemons now have Gemcutting as level 20 skill (was Smelting)

*Platinum mode now activates at levels 30+ (was 50+)

*Command radius now progresses with 6+charisma/2 (was bugged), capped at 19(Now with yellow/gold coloured ring instead of blue)

*Spell radius is now separate from command radius and progresses with 6+intelligence/2, capped at 19(It have same blue colour as before)

*Ice Mage, Lichelord, Healer, Priest, Necromancer and Chronomancer default damage type is now Cold.

*Illusionist, Sage, Daemonologist, Venomancer, Blightlord and Archmage default damage type is now Electrical.

*New skill Tactician implemented

*Merchant and Tinker class now have Tactician skill instead of Trade

*Empire heroes now have Tactician skill instead of Trade


*Ice Floe now uses the new ice shards effect

*Fixed Disjunction not blocking casting spells from items

*Spellforge now affects allies as well

*Spells can no longer cause friendly fire

*Fixed Reset not curing poisons and disease

*Call Lightning, Glaciate, Mutate and Sunfall capped at 10 targets

*Fixed Whispers of Madness converting units to defeated or unused sides

*Decay now drains opponent's’ food based on the caster’s Keep level as follows:

Keep Level 0: -4 Food -1 per level

Keep Level 1: -8 Food -1 per level

Keep Level 2: -10 Food -2 per level

Keep Level 3: -12 Food -2 per level

Keep Level 4: -15 Food -3 per level

Keep Level 5: -20 Food -5 per level

(was -10 -5 per level)

*Storm is now replaced with Snowfall

*Spells are no longer affected by weather

*Change Weather now can change any to day, any to night, any to rain or any to snow

*Acquire now works at full command radius (was 50%)

*Firebreath now affects both melee and ranged units. Melee units get 50% fire damage +10% per level and 5 range. Ranged units get 100% fire damage +5% per level, no range change.

*Reworked Ice Incarnate spell

*Spellforge no longer doubles spell casting chances, spellcasting, mana regen, mana discounts, spell durations

*Fixed bug where Purify spell cast by heroes was not working

*Stoneskin now correctly gives 10 armor +10 per level

*Reconstruction no longer affects temples

*Call the Dead now costs 40 mana (was 30)

*Heroes are now immune to Proliferation

*Psychic Blast now states that stunning enemy units only reduces their combat stat

*All summoning spells now do a army limit check

*Homeguard now gives a range of 8 (was 12) +1 per level

*All spell effects of a building are removed upon conversion

*Chronostutter sets game speed to Very Slow and provides quadruple movement and attack speed to your hero

*Summon Guardian now costs 40 mana (was 24)

*Shatter now costs 20 mana (was 18) and deals 150 damage to buildings (was 200) +50 per level

*Fixed description on Comprehension stating the wrong base discount value

*Fixed bug where buildings would not spawn exactly at the inputed position

*Awe now costs 12 mana (was 8)

*Scare now costs 10 mana (was 6)

*Freeze Magic no longer blocks RSBs

*Homeguard no longer affects flags and mines

*Longevity now also affects Summon Guardian, Frostblade, Cold Resistance, Weatherlock, Foresight, Wisdom of Age, Overwork, Chronostutter

*High levels of Summon Stone Golem, Summon Bronze Golem, Call Shaman, Summon Contaminator, Call Sage, Summon Water Elemental, Call Shadows, Summon Unicorn, Summon Treant, Summon Elemental, Summon Guardian Naga, Call of Kargoth, Summon Fire Elemental, Summon Dust Elemental, Daemongate now spawn the correct amount of units

*Foresight now gives +8 combat, +2 per level, lasts for 1 min + 30 secs per level and has a mana cost of 22 (was +10 combat, +3 per level, 30+ 30 secs per level, mana cost 26)

*Vampirism now gives 5 vampirism + 2 per level (was 2+1 per level)

*Shamanic Call now spawns Witch Doctors instead of Warlords

*Shamanic Call now spawns 2 Snakepriests, Goblin Shamans or Witch Doctors, +1 per level or only 1 Minotaur Shaman + 0.5 per level

*Call the Dead now gives +5 xp per level (was +20) and is limited to 8+ 2 units per level

*Resurrection now targets 8+2 units per level, mana cost 70 (was 60)

*Reconstruction now targets 4+1 units per level

*Raise Wraith mana cost 9 (was 15)

*Raise Wight mana cost 12 (was 15)

*Call Shadow mana cost 15 (was 30)

*Purify now affects all units (was only evil)

*Fixed bug where Poison Cloud would not affect some units

*Brew Potion now also provides healing of units when quaffing a healing potion

*Scavenge ability now has a cooldown of 3 seconds

*All missile creating spells now have a combat value of 50 (was 20)


*Increased item limit to 1024 (was 512)

*Items can now give stat bonuses

*Fixed Gorgon’s Box description

*Added the first non-equipable item: Pouch of rubies. Its sole purpose is to be sold for crowns

*Fixed Twisted Will, Dance of the Dead description saying cursed twice

*Fixed Time Spiral, Crael’s Lunacy, Rejuvenation of Nature, Bloodrite, Lurinth’s Talon, Archonian Mail which had their description cut-off

*Horn of Stone correctly casts Doomstones again (was accidentally changed to Homeguard)

*Frozen Key correctly casts Freeze Magic again (was accidentally changed to Ice Incarnate)

*Ring of Fire and Ice correctly casts Ring of Ice again (was accidentally changed to Freeze)

*Item spell recovery times are now ten times longer

*Item spells no longer trigger when attacking neutral buildings

*New item images

*Added No Spoils of War game option

*Fixed bug where items giving Chronomancy and Contagion Magic would not display properly

*Every item now has redone stats according to a new set of balancing calculations

*Every item now has an extended Description, detailing Warlords lore

*Items now count towards the Handicap Bonus

*Dagger of Piercing renamed Dragontooth Dagger

*Elven Rapier renamed Lunaren Rapier

*Spiked Mace renamed Darosian Mace

*Anti-Magic Ring now gives Deflection instead of Magic Resistance

*Helm of the Ram description fixed (orkish > orcish)

*Griffon Shield renamed Griffonrider Shield and description fixed

*Banesword description fixed (it now refers to the Realms of Death instead of ‘Northern Wastes’)

*The Captain’s Tunic renamed Gallian Tunic

*Harvest Scythe renamed Silvermyran Harvest Sickle

*Spiked Maul renamed Fanged Maul of Darkmyr

*Basilisk Boots now give Armor and Slashing armor instead of Cold & Magic resistance

*Barbarian Sword renamed Ragnaran Greatsword

*Cloak of Many Runes now correctly casts Resist Missile again (was changed to Reconstruction by accident). It also now gives some points in Evasion

*Blunt Buckler now has a different image (it’s no longer the Wooden Buckler)

*Deathmask has been changed into a new item (Mask of Lies)

*Wind’s Feet renamed Feet of the Wind

*Cutpurse Dagger renamed Snakeslither

*Miracle of Curing now has a different image

*Savage Cape renamed Carnage

*Feral Skullhelm renamed Slaughter

*Rampant Axe renamed Havoc

*Rise of the Beastmaster set renamed Integrum Discordiae. Set bonus is now Spell cast Whispers of Madness Level 2 6% chance (was Taming +5)

*Gemstones renamed Deepstones

*Druid’s Coronet renamed Lindenloth Coronet

*Gem Shield renamed Khamarin Stoneshield

*Rallying Banner renamed Selentine Banner

*Signet of the Dark Order renamed Signet of the Dark Path

*War Mage’s Battlegear renamed Dakkar Spellplate

*Molten Orb renamed Planar Harvester. It has changed from a Minor item to a Greater and abilities have changed too. It still gives metal but is now cursed

*Ring of Steel renamed Steelsight Ring. It has changed from a Greater item to a Minor

*Stonework Gems renamed Stonework Runes

*Envenomed Blade renamed Doomwood Fangblade

*Umbral Crest of the Forgotten renamed Crest of Angadriel

*Imperial Shortbow renamed Oromor Shortbow

*Selentine Crown is now an artifact, has a rarity of 0 and has gained new abilities

*Banner of Rage renamed Gorag Ragebanner, gives negative morale but casts level 2 Chaos Aura

*Horn of Stone has a completely new description

*Spear of Ank renamed Lothdyn Seaspear and is now a Greater item instead of Minor

*Ice Queen’s Harp is now an Artifact item instead of Lesser

*Circlet of Thull renamed Kinien’s Broken Word

*Tome of Pure Light and Tome of Utter Darkness are now Artifact level items which are part of the spell sphere Tome series (both were Greater). They lost the ability to cast item spells, but give more points in their respective spell spheres and give a small spellcasting bonus

*Dwarfkiller now has a venomous attack

*Assassin’s Blade now has a venomous attack

*The Stinger now has a venomous attack

*The K’Oulis Axe now has a disease attack

*The Black Finger now casts Crippling Touch (was Venom Touch)

*Blightstone Ring now gives Contagion Magic (was Poison Magic)

*Staff of Decay now casts Rot (was Proliferation) and has a disease attack

*Crown of Command renamed Diadem of Command

*Atholar’s Ring is now an Artifact item instead of Minor and now gives Destruction and Longevity

*The Frozen Needle is now an Artifact item instead of Minor and deals cold damage (was crushing). The item spell has been changed from Hand of Ice to Frostblade

*Eleandra’s Armor is now an Artifact item instead of Lesser and now gives Leech

*Hammer of Yorr is now an Artifact item instead of Lesser and now gives Strength

*Staff of Pyreakon is now an Artifact item instead of Lesser and now gives Marksmanship

*Plague-bringer Helm, Blightstone Ring, Staff of Decay and the Worldblight set now give Contagion magic instead of Poison magic

*Blackfire Axe now has a Disease attack and casts Epidemic instead of Wild Bolt

*The Rune item series now contains only one of each type of item and have slightly altered abilities. They are all also Greater rarity and can now be obtained in the game via normal means (they could also appear rarely before but via a bug)

*All Items which give Mana Regen or HP Regen now instead use the hero skills Energy and Regeneration respectively instead. In addition, all items which gave Speed Attack now use the hero skill Swiftness instead

*Book of Damnation now summons Nightmares instead of Pit Fiends

*Tome of Blight renamed Tome of Envenomation

*New items: Lifeless Euphoria, Tlatecolotl’s Touch, Eyes of Mictlan, Tome of Putrefaction, Rusted Mail of Old Solinor, Blood Moon Chainmail, K’Tarn Bulwark, Dragontamer’s Tabard, Equus Roundshield, Hammer of Morannin (War of the Broken Oath Campaign only), Wizzo’s Delegacy (War of the Broken Oath Campaign only), Runemaster’s Amulet

*Mace of Redemption renamed Dawnedge Morningstar

*Ring of Warding is now a Greater item instead of Artifact

*Bladebane Mail is now a Lesser item instead of Artifact and now has a new plate armor icon

*Ring of Heaven now casts Rites of Dawn instead of Purify

*Doomguide has completely new stats

*Head and Heart of the Pathfinder set tweaked. It’s now based on scouting instead of Piercing resistance

*Crown of Khalel renamed Crown of Khalil due to a naming error made by I2. Description has also now been fixed - it says the citadel was attacked by Gargan the Filthy, not the Orcish Jihad. It is now an Artifact item instead of Minor. It also now gives Mage King, Occultism and Command

*Ring of Aranea renamed Aranea’s Fallacy

*Halgron’s Hammer is now an Artifact item instead of Lesser, deals Fire damage instead of Crushing and casts Armageddon

*Crown of Negotiation renamed Lyseas’ Mandate and now casts Corruption and Awe and gives Charisma

*Hammer of King Khorin is now an Artifact item instead of Lesser and casts Ring of Fire, Psychic Blast and Earthquake instead of giving Combat and a spellcasting penalty

*Hammer of the Mountain King renamed Forged Stormhammer

*Draken of Athorn now has Demolition

*Athorn’s Trophy Rack now gives Shadow Strength and casts Berserk instead of giving Morale

*Great Armor of Athorn renamed Daemonplate of Athorn and has a new icon

*Icon of Athorn renamed Athorn’s Legacy, no longer gives Constitution, Regeneration or Warding and instead gives Deflection

*Scourge of Etheria set renamed Black Hand of Athorn and now casts Chaos Aura as the set bonus instead of giving Combat

*Black Staff of Archimer renamed Bloodstaff of Archimer and now casts Raise Champion

*Archimer’s Gazing Helm renamed Archimer’s Last Word. Instead of giving Armor and casting Awe, it now casts Wisdom of Age and Comprehension. It also has a different image

*Robe of Archimer renamed Archmimer’s Faith and now casts Reset instead of giving Magic Resistance

*Archimer’s Descent renamed Archimer’s Ruination and now casts Scry and Mind Leech instead of giving Illusion Magic

*Matador’s Sword renamed Arioc Bullslayer and now has a new image

*Giant’s Helm now gives Strength instead of Combat

*Fire, Frost and Storm Giant Belts now give Strength instead of damage

*Helm of Might now gives Strength

*Earthshaker now gives Strength instead of Mighty Blow

*Horn of the K’Varr now gives Strength

*Abomination Visor now gives Strength instead of Constitution

*Mail of the Gods now gives Strength instead of casting Haste

*Lunaren Rapier now gives Dexterity instead of Ferocity

*Gorag Ragebanner now gives Dexterity

*Griffonskin Boots now give Dexterity instead of Speed

*Elven Boots now give Dexterity instead of Speed

*Fleetfoot Boots now give Dexterity

*Boots of the Gods now gives Dexterity instead of casting Shadow Form

*Naga-Skin Boots now give Intelligence instead of Speed

*Robe of the Archmage now gives Intelligence

*Lodestar Amulet now gives Intelligence (used to cast White Ward)

*Crown of Insight now gives Intelligence

*Mindspark Staff now gives Intelligence instead of Lore

*Helm of the Gods now gives Intelligence

*Armor of Brilliance now gives Intelligence and Dexterity instead of Ritual

*Messenger’s Escorts now give Charisma instead of Diplomacy

*Ice Queen’s Harp now gives Charisma

*Platinum Helm now gives Charisma

*Merchant’s Belt now gives Charisma instead of Morale

*Silvermyr Plate now gives Charisma instead of Morale

*Shield of the Gods now gives Charisma instead of casting Resist Ice

*Elven Ring renamed Loop of Restoration and is now a Greater item instead of an Artifact

*Cursed Axe of Bloodshed renamed The Fist’s Oath and instead of giving an enhanced attack speed, it now gives Strength and Dexterity. The curse has also changed

*Barbarian Banner renamed Trargish Banner

*Infernal Banner renamed Black-Hand Banner

*Imperial Banner renamed Diraqine Eaglebanner

*Dream Banner renamed Twilight Dreamstar and now has a new icon

*Lunarion Banner renamed Crescent of Lunariel

*Bartonian Banner renamed Bartonian Emblem

*Havoc Banner renamed Horned Banner of Ohtar

*Orcish Banner renamed Icon of the Great Orcs

*Proliferation Banner renamed Kagh’ri Scent Marker

*Dark Banner renamed Desecration of Ehlariel

*Haven Banner renamed Soldeep Post

*Tunic of the Illusionist turned into a new item, Yhan’s Consolation

*Hellblade renamed Phassorem, Blood Reaper and has a new dark sword icon

*Robe of the Archmage now has a blue robe icon

*Summoner’s Robe now has a red robe icon

*Miracle of Healing now uses a yellow tabard icon

*Bringer of the Wastes now uses the blue longsword icon

*Flametongue now has a new sword icon

*Swiftblade now has a new sword icon

*Grollo’s Storm Ring has a new brown ring icon

*Loop of Restoration has a new blue ring icon

*Ring of Starlight has a new diamond ring icon

*Ring of Skulls has a new icon

*Troll Ring has a new icon

*Atholar’s Ring has a new icon

*Ring of Beauty has a new icon

*Elven Ring of Greed has a new silver and amethyst ring icon

*Brew Ring has a new gold & emerald ring icon

*Liche King’s Phylactery has a new ruby ring icon

*Seeker of Twilight has a new brown ring icon

*Loop of the Pit Lord has a new golden ring icon

*Blightstone Ring now has a new silver emerald ring icon

*Signet of the Dark Path has a new icon

*Tome of Pure Light now has a new icon

*Tome of Utter Darkness now has a new icon

*The Tome of Lies now has a new icon

*Book of Damnation now has a new icon

*The Vampire’s Knowledge now has a new icon

*Theodred’s Writings now has a new icon

*The Tome of Life now has a new icon

*The Tome of Incineration now has a new icon

*The Tome of Experiments now has a new icon

*Tome of Treaties now has a new icon

*Heart of the Pathfinder now has a new icon

*Athorn’s Legacy has a new icon

*Ring of Skulls now gives Intelligence

*Staff of Skulls now gives Intelligence

*Shaman Stones now gives Intelligence

*Ring of the Liche has been slightly nerfed

*Fickle Nature has been nerfed

*Omnisapience now gives Diplomacy at a large cost of Ritual

*Miracle of Curing has been slightly nerfed

*Seeker of Secrets has been slightly nerfed

*The Tread of the Anima has been slightly nerfed (it no longer gives a Spellcasting bonus)

*Seeker of Unreality now gives Occultism

*Miracle of Healing now gives Fervor

*Liche King’s Phylactery now gives Fervor

*Fixed bug where negative hero skills from items would display as “No bonus”

*Fixed bug where rarity 0 items would still spawn

*The Armor of the Gods set bonus now gives Fervor instead of Elcor’s Aura


*Grand Emperor AI renamed to Demigod

*Control group number is now displayed on buildings too

*Added connection timed out kick when stuck on connecting screen (20 seconds)

*Fixed typo where Plaguelords race would incorrectly be referred to as Plaguelord

*Shops now display their name based on shopkeeper
*Fixed merchant power description

*Improved the consistency of production and in-game help text

*Default particle effects option now set to Maximum

*Default resolution selected now set to 1, fixing crash on startup

*Default options no longer sets windowed mode to true

*Hero is now saved right after battle

*Corrected typo for goblin description

*Added wbc3-editor.pdf as a Manual

*Joining players no longer inherit the Advanced Options from the host for future matches

*Implemented Giants random name generator

Bug fixes

*Fixed crash when item sets would be complete

*Fixed bug where shop, quest, research and other screens would pop over the victory/defeat screen

*Fixed bug where the xp of permanent retinue units would not be saved if they got killed

*Fixed crash where crushing and cold missiles would cause a crash if the shooter died/morphed in the meantime

*Fixed an invalid cell on the jungle tile “T-Intersection E” that would cause an obstruction for grounded units (lower left corner)

*Fixed 3 rock cliff tiles and a desert cliff tile where some impassible cells were actually passable, causing nearby produced units to get stuck

*Fixed 2 rock cliff tiles that had inverted elevation, causing building placement issues

*The small oasis tile now correctly has the same elevation as all other desert tiles (0 instead of 3)

*Fixed crash when walls on a team would exceed 150
*Fixed a rare crash involving the un-garrisoning of units (also affected units warped to a corner of the map)

*Fixed crash which happened on really long matches

*Fixed bug which made buildings untargetable

*Fixed bug where dwarven buildings and plague piles were miscounted

*Fixed crash which sometimes happened at the end of a long game

*Fixed crash which would happen on the level up screen

*Fixed bug where Nizar could be obtained after finishing the tutorial

*Fixed crash when the game would try to print loading screen text when there wasn’t any

*Fixed crash when the game would try to load a sprite using an uninitialised index

*Added 8888 D3D mode so newer video cards are not ignored by the game

*Fixed crash when the RMG tried to take into account more utilities than those available

*Fixed crash due to a couple of bugs in loading a map’s hero data after selecting a custom map

*Fixed crash when spawning units with cheats made the AI divide by zero

*Fixed crash when using using out of bounds numpad keys to access spells

*Fixed crash when objects were being used despite having their members deleted

*Fixed crash when heap was destroyed before objects could be garbage collected

*Fixed crash when joining a multiplayer lobby would overflow the message buffer

*Fixed crash when spawning many spiders

*Fixed crash when drawing a help tooltip beyond the screen would overflow the screen buffer (especially in windowed mode)

*Added more D3D formats, modes and refresh rates so there is a bigger chance of finding valid resolutions for an arbitrary video card

*Fixed crash when a negative vertical position for the win dialogue due to a small vertical resolution would overflow the screen buffer after winning a game

*Fixed crash where hovering around the FBar just before the game started would try to draw a help tooltip for an uninitialised spell

*Fixed rare crash where the conversion animation would go into infinite recursion trying to check if it was finished.


hory shet

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