The Orange Block is a game built on the TGE (Torque Game Engine). It allows single and multiplayer gaming, which you can build structures from Lego bricks then play around with them with weapons for a DM and other items (including a jet ski, car and plane!) for RPing or RPGing. The game has over 50 maps to play and you can design your own using the TGE map making tools. The game also supports moding and is easy to mod if you know Torque Scripting. It has an active forum which anything (Even non-game related) things are discussed.

Gonzalord says

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A really good example of modding and Indie Develouping, a good graphics level, really fun to play with lots of friend both Roleplaying or DeathMatchning and a really friendly n' Helpfull Community.
Gontar n' Gonzalord Sayd 8/10 and 9/10 so Rounding up because of a good community its 9/10

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