You play as a night security guard called in to cover a shift because the other guard refused to stay in this "cursed place". Oh well, it's a job, besides, you don't believe in ghosts and such....Wait...did you hear that...sounds like crying?

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Switched to Behavior Designer instead of RAIN for AI. New video of AI behavior.

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Oct 3 2016

Hello again,

Work continues and thought it has been a while since the last news article, the game is still in development. It is really taking longer than I had thought, but that is a good thing! It is hard to devoted more than a couple hours a week on development with real life commitments but not much you can do about that.

Since it has been a long time since the last updated article, June 2016 I believe, I thought it would be a good idea to post an update on what has been going on with the game thus far.

We have decided to use Behavior Designer instead of RAIN for creating the creature behavior trees. This was done about three weeks ago and it has been a great asset in designing the creature behaviors as it is supported more by the devs and community than RAIN, it is has a more visual approach to AI design and is just overall a better program. Using RAIN, we were able to create a basic patrol pattern. The behavior tree part of the program is not very visual and intuitive and took a long time to implement even the most basic AI behaviors.

The player's flashlight has been fixed. The Unity flashlight cookie was removed and instead better, more realistic flashlight effect has been used.

Player has a damage HUD that appears when taking damage. It will flash read on the sides when the health drops and will show a blood splatter when the player is killed. UFPS is used for this HUD effect.

I have posted a new video of the creature AI behavior created using Behavior Designer. Check it out in the Video section!

There are some new models being added, namely a custom made circuit breaker/fusebox being made by our excellent 3D modeller, Matt!

I am also looking into the possibility of having a musician come aboard to provide some theme music and such. Nothing is set in stone on this one as a pricing model will have to be worked out beforehand.

So, the big announcement!

We do plan on releasing a alpha/beta/demo on October 31! It will be exciting for us to see what people think of it and where we can improve that gameplay.

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