The Mask Reveals Disgusting Face is a short pixel-horror game about dealing with depression. A depressed person named Gary decides to spend some time in empty house outside the town. Bad idea. Some strange force locked him up here. Weird things started happening in the house, driving him crazy. Will he survive the nightmare?

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Wow! This game was great. I especially loved the maze. Definitely the scariest maze-sequence I had played in a while.

Only had one complaint -- the difficulty of the end "boss". There was barely any time to react to the faces, and having to move to keep them from attacking from behind made it impossible to shoot. Expecting to spin around in circles and shoot is a bit unrealistic.

Other than that, amazing game!

Awesome Game!!!!

This **** ******* ****** on a wizard.

Loved it.


Short but very effective little game with a great atmosphere and a few pretty unnerving sequences.


Short but greatly executed.


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