Last Days is a first person survival horror where frenetic action interweaves with sophisticated puzzles. Our main aim is to create a frightening and demanding singleplayer experience.

Key features

Body awarness and movement system - Our goal is to give the player an opportunity to move fluently avoiding obstacles and enemy attacks. For instance, we want to make it possible for the running player to be able to jump over an obstacle simply by tapping jump button. It concerns grabbing the ledges, climbing on obstacles etc. It is also crucial for close combat. Although it won't be an efficient way to kill the enemies, in many cases melee strike with assault rifle will be the only way to survive. Most monsters will be able to knock player down, however even in this situation he will be able to fight back.

Complex puzzles -
On his way player will have to solve big amount of puzzles. To do this he will have to make use of exotic physics conditions and phenomena such as hyperspace connections between distant places, local time and space anomalies.

Variety of bizarre monsters - During his journey player will encounter multiple types of creatures. Each monster will have a very distinctive behaviour - from lethargic dreamers attacking only when player is spotted by an overseer to monstrous guardians smashing everything on their way.

Gameplay focused on survival - Rather than killing everything that moves, most time player will be forced to escape, barricade the doors with everything he can or block the way with obstacles, explosives or fire.

Unusual environment - We intend to make our environments as hostile or at least as confusing as our monsters are. During the game player will encounter all sorts of peculiar phenomena. For instance, sometimes when you turn back in certain locations you'll notice that the way that led you there had changed. Player will frequently find portals leading to the different universe. Due to the time-space anomalies player will frequently witness the events that happened it the city years ago. For example huge riots etc.

Dreary and melancholic atmosphere - Our intention is to create unique feeling of solitude and encirclement. Player will make his way through a desolate European metropolis, passing through old tenements, huge bridges and empty streets.

Wide selection of weaponry - Player can choose from metal bars, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles and finally gauss rifle.

Inventory and Health - The inventory in Last Days will play a huge role. It will be based on weight, not on slots as in other games. Player will have to choose between which weapons he should take, how much ammo and other supplies. Finally, excessive inventory will slow him down. Health will regenerate slowly, however without body armour our hero will be too vulnerable to get out from most battles. Body armour will greatly decrease the damage taken. However the more hits it takes, the less efficient it is. Finally it gets completely destroyed. Player will have to keep in mind to exchange it to a new one whenever he can. It will be shown by an animation seen from first person perspective.

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News 13 comments

Here is a short video showing my latest work in UDK. It is based on a concept art I made long time ago for The Last Days. Unfortunately, I am the only one still working on the game so its chances to ever come out are quite slim :/. However I think the scene is still worth showing - so here it is!

The Last Days facebook page
Special thanks to Piotr Koczewski for allowing me to use one of his amazing music tracks. You can check his work here



News 4 comments

Hi everyone! It's been 6 months so I guess it's high time to make an update.

We are searching for Team/Project Manager!

We are searching for Team/Project Manager!

News 6 comments

"That is not dead which can eternal lie yet with strange aeons even death may die." We are definately not dead. However we are a bit stuck, cause the...

Overseer Animations, Stillborn and Truck Interior

Overseer Animations, Stillborn and Truck Interior

News 7 comments

Hi there, This time I'd like you to take a look at our completely new Overseer animations, truck interior and The Stillborn concept art. Enjoy!



News 3 comments

Hi there! This time I let me take you on a small tour around the world of The Last Days.

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Guest - - 698,692 comments

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evadifs - - 28 comments

i hope it gets released

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ildamos - - 226 comments


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Terrorist495 - - 268 comments

Good luck with your project!

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TheLastSilmaril - - 1,678 comments

*wrong page sorry*

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TaylorMoe - - 227 comments

Hey is this still going? I've been looking forward to it, I'm just curious as to the status so far.

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TAP-CHAN Creator
TAP-CHAN - - 31 comments

Well seems that I am on my own, so it's going rather slowly... but it's still going

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zarathustra2k1 - - 21 comments

Well, we're still tracking so there's still interest.

Good luck & all the best!

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junbug - - 107 comments

looks good wish i didnt stop my project

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Rexyer - - 116 comments

This looks very nice!

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