The Year is 1997'
A mega-corporation called Enviro-Earth has created a serum to cure multiple diseases in two forms'
The Alpha Serum
The Beta Serum

The Alpha Serum was a great failure, so they put the vial in the black market to sell'
Thing is, in handling of the serum, the vial broke'
The alpha serum then spread, turning everyone into Brain-eating zombies'

Play through this awesome first person adventure by your self or with your friends (or enemies)

Choose from 14 different characters, each with their own different stats'
Tons of Real Weapons To Choose From
Fully Interactable City
Endless Horde's Of Zombies
Valve's Source Engine
Multiplayer with 12 players, spanning across the whole city'

>Deathmatch- The Classic Gamemode, now with a twist' Become a zombie and have zombie specfic abilites'
>Story Mode- Play Through the Singleplayer story with AI Humans And Zombies
> City Infest- The Basic Online Gamemode' Survive for your life, or kill for someone elses'
> Survival- Players See who can survive the longest-no infecting' Dead, your dead'

Weapons You Can Find In THE HORDE
Pistol Category
>Colt 45
>Glock 18
>Raging Bull Magnum

Sub Machine Gun Catergory
>Silenced MP5
>MAC 11

Shotgun Catergory
>Automatic 12 Gauge
> Boomstick
>Winchester Rifle

Rifle Catergory
>M1 Garand (probably the most rarest weapon in the game)
>Scoped M16
>Jackal Sniper Rifle

Machine gun Catergory
>AK47-Extended Clip
> RCP90
> RCP120
> Dual Uzis

>Frag Grenade
>Wooden Plank
>Rocket Launcher
> Other Combineable Weapons

John- A Bartender, equipped with a shovel at the start of the game' John has improved melee abilities'
Neesha- Flight Attendant, with the power to heal minor wounds'
Mark-a Store Owner' Has the power to unlock doors with out any keys'
Iila-A exotic dancer' Has The Power to stun zombies with her Stun Kick Ability'
Shawn- A stand up comedian' Equipped with a wooden plank' has the power to combine items to make others'
Matt-A Police Officer' Equipped with a Colt 45, limited ammo' Has the capability to carry one more item than the others'
Lily-has the power to run really fast' A Olympic Swimmer'
Larry- A Plumber' Can Combine things like Shawn, but can combine weapons to make others'
(Wooden plank, 9MFS, makes a stake Launcher)
Caden-A Service Representative for Enviro-Earth' She Has the power to go beserk after she kills 15 zombies'
Sveta- A Scientist for Enviro Earth' She Has the power to create healing serums and dis-infection medicines'
Corey- A Taxi Cab Driver' He Has a flashlight at the start of the game, and can make Medicinal Serums'
William-A Shady Figure, his past not yet know' Has the power to turn into Bio-Will, With increased stats'

5 Maps-all based in the city
(feel free to create your own maps, when we release our FGD)

Can you Survive
The Horde

Using the Source Engine

NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE THE SOURCE SDK BASE for This to work Correctly'

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RSS Articles

The Horde-News Update


Hey everybody, we are here to tell you that The Horde is going great. We Expect a release by the end of the Christmas Season.
To also tell everyone, We need a Mapper. If you want to map for us, contact "Chris Redfield" on Steam, and please have some past work you can show us.

The Horde-Update On Whats New and Whats Gone


Hi everyone, we have a update on our game The Horde. We have so far, Done the storyline. Were starting on the Character, Item, and Gun Modelling next...

Not Dead


The Horde is not dead, just has been in-active for a long time. Plus, i have decided to Switch to the Source Engine instead of Qfusion. I am still on...

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Where is the download link

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so much info and all that but no gameplay vids or anything like such..

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You got any release date yet?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

do you need the soure engine for playing or for making maps?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this game going to be free? it sounds cool

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how you guys dont go on source engine(my pc can't run that because of nooby videocard they builded in my when i bought it those bastards)

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Contact me on AIM or MSN, aim is Jkrewnx and MSN is

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oooh i thought this was gonna be a remake of an old PC game called 'The Horde' :( ah well, best o luck anywayz!!

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Wait if your using the Source Engine then can't people also use QuArk to map levels? Also, you should put a help wanted sign for mapper(s), it'll give you a better chance of finding one.

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omg, mod sounds so awesome, can't wait. (pls don't die)

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