The far future'

The year: 3553 CE' Earth lies abandoned and desolate – except for the commander and crew of the Meridian'

The year: 6376336916 CE' The Sun dies, reducing the Earth to a ball of melted rock – forcing the Meridian to seek an uncertain future in deep space'

The year: 2136376356916 CE' As the Universe expands at an ever-increasing rate, and the stars in the endless night flicker and die, the future of life itself hangs in the balance' The Meridian, along with a few other survivors, eke out a meagre existence in the endless dark'

In this game, you take on the role of commanding the ageing Meridian as N’sarth Nämm Æhre' Can the Meridian find a way to get the energy it needs to preserve the life of its crew? Why could eyebrows lead to your downfall? Can you solve the mystery of the Random Bits of Blue Crystal? Will the String Guardians triumph over their enemies, or will the sinister Renegade String Guardians conquer all?

The Annoying Yellow Voice thinks this description is getting pointless' It would also like to point out that biscuits are still only 25p'

Range across the depths of reality, across the aeons and to the furthest corners of the universe…but can you survive until…

The End of Time?

We are also hoping to turn this Standalone Game into an Innovative mod for the Half Life 2 game engine but for this we will need talented Modellers, Texture Artists, Animators and most importantly of all Coders who are Experienced in coding the SOURCE engine for Half Life 2'

We need your help to do this'
You can apply for one of the above jobs by leaving a message here or by contacting Nadanova
contact e-mail and MSN address is: nadanova2@hotmail'co'uk


The Traction Wars Team will be assisting us in the making of the source engine mod once the TW mod for BF 2142 is complete, they are soon to become a studios group aswell' if you are interested in helping with the TW mod then visit thier site or thier moddb'com profile'

Meanwhile we will continue to churn out updates for this standalone flash game and it shall be done when it is done!

Update''' May 21st'''

We've been working excessively hard over the weeks to pull together some new models and landscape shots for you guys to drool over and quite frankly we need a great audience' We will probably be setting up forums at somepoint in the future but at the mo we cant afford it ^^ and we quite frankly are quite happy with this'

See Ya in the New Universe Modders!

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Moving to the Source Engine.


Listen up people and listen gooood!

The End of Time Team needs talented and budding modders to help it's progress. We have decided to make the leap from the flash/powerpoint phase onto the Source Engine for Half Life 2. Once the End of Time version one is completed and out on Public Beta then we will convert the small game to an rts/fps space exploration game. We are hoping to make two versions of the Source engine mod, one will be a Homeworld 2 style game for HL2 Deathmatch where people will compete head to head to blow the opposition armada out of the sky. There will also be space station foot battles between the Renegade String Guardians and the Grimswade High Council.
The second version we are hoping to create will be a single player exploration game where you pilot the Meridian 750 through major battles and make allies along the waythere will be times when you will have to explore planets and moons to find the four peices of the Cyanic Crystal.

To make this mod happen we will need to hear from people.
We will need Coders who are experienced in Source engine coding, Modellers experienced in 3D Studio Max or Maya who will be designing weapons, ships and player models, Texture Artists who can use photoshop or the GIMP or Fireworks, and also mappers who are experienced in using Hammer Editor for the Source engine.

For contact details please see the current End of Time profile.
[img][img]See you on the Battlefield...

nadanova Creator
nadanova - - 155 comments

well it is currently going to be the origional flash game we started ages ago but my other modding team is agreeing once they have completed the Traction Wars mod for BF2142 that they will help us to put this game to the source engine as a mod.

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unknownfury - - 6 comments

What programming language are you planning on using?

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