Further Character details.

Wilfred: The Knight.
Main Character (Male): A man from humble origins He grew up without a mother and his father died when we was only a squire. Despite all of his adversities he grew up to be a chivalrous and trustworthy fellow. For a long time, his only love was that of his war-torn country, which he was devoted to in his servitude. He claimed to 'give his life if necessary to protect his king and the kingdom.' He also always kept in his heart his father's dying wish... (I'm not going to give it away just yet.)

The aim will be to start with his experiences and (most of) his life story so that the player gets to grips with where he has come from and why he has his love for his country. It will be a blurred interpretation, almost like a faded memory.

Ela: The Summoner Main Character (Female): Lives in a different world to that of her male counter part. She comes from a very prestigious royal line which rules over the whole of her world, one which also has a war brewing- Civil war. Her father (the King) ends up sending his only daughter and heir off to learn the art of becoming a powerful summoner in order to help him destroy his enemy, despite the art having been lost for an age.

Her family history is the beginning of the second game and mainly shows the conflicts with her father and the 'ruling' of his kingdom. It also shows the joining of the party which she has formed to join her on this pilgrimage. Needless to say there is a reason as to why there are no more summoners and as to why there is a civil war in her land.

The story is obviously mainly focused on these two characters, though of course there are subsidiary characters who these two go to for help and guidance. Which leads on to:

Main Character 3 (Male). This character has the ability to cross between the two worlds. He is an experienced soldier/mage, and so has traits in common with both the other main characters. He is the figure of guidance between the two, and also their confidant. We find out that he is the one who convinced the king to send his daughter on this pilgrimage in order to try and keep her from harm if nothing else. We know little about this character except that he has an understanding of the portals. (Spoilers available on request.)

Aside from MC3 both 1 and 2 have 3 other party members:

Alfred - A seasoned, stubborn knight found half dead on a battle field, missing an eye and seemingly only held up by his 2 handed sword.
Clarence - A ranger from the White Snowy Shores. He is quick witted and spots danger from a mile away.
Zara - A mage mainly prolific in white magic. She is tough and decisive until her life is saved by MC1. She has a rivalry with MC2

Thombas - A stealthy and observant member, he is suave and serves as a member of the king's assasins.
Lana - Taught by a powerful old Sage. She is prolific in Black Magic and is bound by such to serve the Princess.
Alexandra - She is the leader of the Princess' guard. She would lay her life down for the Princess.

There will also be other subsidary characters, like limited party members, as well as maybe 1 or 2 new characters for the third game.

I'll write more when I get the time.

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Below is a shortened copy of the idea I sent to Square-Enix

The story is fairly complex at times, so to maintian the ease of analysis for you I will attempt to describe it in it's simplest terms.

The story has a divide of three parts:

1. The story of a young man and his struggle to save his land from civil war, while also in a conflict to fulfil his dying fathers wishes.

2. The story of a young lady who has to follow a rite of passage of becoming a summoner. (Final fantasy X influence (Although summoner story line not necessary))

3. A physical meeting of the two as they must join force to defeat a great evil that threatens both of their worlds.

My idea is that each part could in essence be a game, each part has it's own worlds, and they cannot exist without each other although they are all unaware that the others exist.

One of the key elements are these spheres that can temporarily link the worlds together (for each other to hinder or help each other depending on the situation) they are thought not to exist as no one knows about the other worlds, these could therefore be the vessel of: Summons, magic, fast travels or level up abilities. They also only reveal themselves in times of great need. This is due to the gravity of situation of a person from either worlds become stuck in the opposing world as it leads to imbalances that can potentially cause the destruction of the worlds

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I am proud to say that the game is now on Steam Greenlight thanks to the successful Kickstarter campaign! If you want to see the page I have linked it bellow, and if you like it I would really appreciate a vote up.

Click here to view it

And please take a look at the trailer bellow to get an updated feel for the game.


William Burman LLB, Head of Development



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The game will be funded! But it still needs YOUR help.


Good luck. Hopefully you get this done.

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Thank you very much!

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