The Eight Seas is a Pirate themed platformer being developed for Windows (and possibly Android).

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Jul 3 2013 Anchor

Well, I ended up staying up all night trying to find artists with no such luck. Looked at the clock, 8:00 am, and I thought, RIGHT I'll spend the day coding fixing the stuff I broke the night before and fully implementing a new feature. 4 hours later I'm bored as hell because I did everything that needed to be done.


Fixed the slopes so that the player does not run off them when trying to go down them. This was solved by moving where the slope check was called into the normal ground check.

This in turn caused a bug where the player would fall through the slope and pop back out if they had enough velocity.

I fixed this by completely scrapping the "Resolve Slope" function in the Movement Physics component and making it anew. Went from 50 lines down to 14. Guess I was over complicating it.

Fully implemented ladders. Up goes up, down goes down, left goes ah you get the picture.

Refined the ladder so that it didn't bug when you try to go down when you are at the bottom. The bug wasn't game breaking, it just looked odd as the character was "falling".

Implemented a tile area query on the tile layer class. Quite simply define the area and it returns a vector of the tiles in that area. I am now using this for the bomb for when it destroys walls as it is much more accurate than the old method as well as detection of a ladder.

Created a "ladder spawner" box. Hit it and a ladder will "build" itself vertically, just like in them Mario games with the vines.

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