The Devil's Castle is top down shooter where you go from room to room killing bats, spiders, skeletons and all kind of monsters. Filled with power ups and weapons (including the dynamite launcher and the devil's trident shooter). Find the RANGE UP power up to turn your shotgun into a SUPER SHOTGUN and destroy everything you deem wicked! Tons of fun enemies, weapons and bosses to find and destroy. It's not much of an adventure game but I'll try to add as much replay-value I can!

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So yesterday I reworked the shotgun to be a bit more unique and a lot more fun!
Rather then shooting 5 bullets in sort of a cone shape I took inspiration from Metal Slug and just made it shoot a big muzzle flash!


Which is a lot of fun to use but what's even more fun is using the brand new RANGE power up in combination with the shotgun!
What the RANGE power up does is it increased your range on whatever weapon you're using so for examples the Uzi's bullets fly longer, the dynamite launchers dynamites fly longer etc.

But with the shotgun it makes your MUZZLE FLASH longer!
Which looks ridiculous but it's crazy amounts of fun!

It can shoot through walls, kill numerous enemies at once and It's so powerful that it even shakes the screen! (I didn't code it to shake the screen, it's just THAT powerful!)

Stay tuned for more news and look forward to this Friday because it's FEEDBACK FRIDAY! That's right I'm gonna post the current version of the game for you to play and enjoy! (and hopefully you'll send in some feedback)

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TDC Feedback Friday Week 3


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TDC Feedback Friday Week 2


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