Winterfield, Michigan. Year 2020. The crime rate and corruption level are at record high. November Massacre riots crippled the city. The mayor and city council are nothing, but puppets for the mob which took over the city. Police barely exists because of massive budget cuts, those who remained basically live on bribes. People are just trying to survive here as things in the city get worse and worse...

The Dealer is a point & click dialogue driven game where you play as a street dealer in Winterfield, the most troubled city in the fictional version of the United States, set against catastrophic economic and political situation, and looming civil war. After losing poker game with the local mob boss, Jack Coin, you are given 10 days to get 10000$, otherwise you are dead. Left without job because of mass layoffs in the city and blacklisted from every bank and credit service out there, your only choice is to ask your shady friend, Lenny, for help. With his support, you have to dive deep into the world of spontaneous trade in order to survive. You need to sell everything you can get, from bottle caps to drugs and guns, to different strangers; face hard moral decisions; avoid cops and dangerous customers; pay the rent; and also deal with the increasingly difficult political situation in the country that directly affects both your life and the city.

  • Story Mode. You have 10 days to get 10000$. You need to sell everything you can get to different strangers, avoid cops and pay the rent in order to survive as the whole city descends to the bizzare version of urban hell. Early Access version includes first 4 days of Story Mode.
  • Survival Mode. Survive as long as you can in the increasingly challenging and hostile environment. Unlike Story Mode, this mode takes place in 2019, a year before the election, it differs in content and all its events are randomized, not scripted.
  • Dialogue System with a wide variety of interactions and potential choices. Mix of scripted and non-scripted dialogues.
  • Morality System. The way you treat customers affects both gameplay and game's ending, sometimes in unexpected ways.
  • Political Events System. One of the core features of the game that makes it more diverse and increasingly challenging. Every day Winterfield Daily newspaper headlines and Fred Tomato TV propaganda directly affect dialogues, prices, bribes, your rent and which item is legal or not. They also tell you news about game's world and reflect some choices you make. Newspaper headlines and TV propaganda are scripted in Story Mode, but randomized in Survival Mode.
  • Dynamic Play Style. You can play it really slowly, you can play it like a speedrunner or balance between these two.
  • Many different characters, both procedural and handmade.
  • Lots of different items with 3 levels of rarity.
  • Dark humor.
  • Multiple endings. (will be available in full release)
  • Developed by one person.
  • You can sell bottle caps for 100$ to not very bright customers with the power of conviction!

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Hey, guys! 20% Christmas discount and Update 3, part 1 are available now! Check it out!

I'm currently working on a massive Update 3 which will include a lot changes and new content, and will be released when it's ready. Part 1 includes mostly visual touch-ups which I felt were important for overall presentation, particularly:
- Fonts in Main Menu, Reference Book and Notes UI are replaced with high resolution versions. Initially I was going for more pixelated look of some UI text, but I felt it didn't work and it just bugged me all the time, so new fonts should be more fitting to the game and pleasing to the eye.
- 'Ponvision' logo and text under buttons on TV UI are replaced with high resolution versions.
- "Motivational" poster in player's appartment is replaced with a higher resolution version.
- New street poster in Survival Mode.
- Main Menu frame is removed.
- Different small fixes here and there.

Some of those changes can be noticed on these new screenshots:

Full version of Update 3 will include:
- New opening in Story Mode.
- Overhauled Tutorial.
- Extended gameplay.
- Separate inventory slot or two for quest items.
- Visual and audio improvements.
- New clothes and character details.
- New items.
- Extended dialogue lines.
- Improved UI.
- Different fixes here and there.
and more.

Stay tuned and I hope you'll enjoy your first stay in Winterfield!

Update 2 is available now!

Update 2 is available now!


The goal of this update was to make the game more intuitive based on the early feedback, make some game mechanics clearer to players, fix/rewrite stuff...

Update 1 is available now!

Update 1 is available now!


The goal of this update was to address the potential issue some players could encounter while adding some new stuff and fixes along the way.

The Dealer is available now in Steam Early Access!

The Dealer is available now in Steam Early Access!


I'm happy to announce that The Dealer is available now in Steam Early Access! Check it out!

Development update!

Development update!


The necessary decision was made to delay Early Access version by 5 days to make some important changes, additions and balancing after the internal testing...

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20% Christmas discount on Steam and Update 3, part 1 are available now! Check it out:

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