Put simply, Riddick is a first-person shooter that blends equal parts blasting, hand-to-hand combat, stealth attacks, and even some platforming into the mix. Riddick takes noticeable risks in a crowded genre and succeeds. From its movie-inspired presentation to its minimalist HUD and the deadpan delivery of Diesel's likeable killer, Riddick is saturated with a sleek kill-or-be-killed atmosphere that pervades all. The combat is sharp, the AI can be smart and relentless, and the level design deft. Oficial Forums Demo

Blue199 says

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A really good game that allows you to role play as the biggest badass in the universe, Richard B. Riddick.
It has all a great game needs: there's action, there's sneaking, there's some adventure/rpg elemenents, etc. And some kickass music too.

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