A short horror game where you must search through a desolate warehouse to find "The Briefcase"; nothing is known of it's contents or why the warehouse workers suddenly disappeared, but someone - or something - doesn't want you to take it.

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This Horror Game had that feeling of eeriness that some other horror games fail to maintain. It was quite short, but I liked it.

Simple, but powerful. A brief but delicious experience of terror. Loved it :D


Nice concept, sort of an appetizer and look into what I hope will be a full fleshed horror game. Fun to try out as it stands!

could be longer

I almost **** my pants, nice game but it was short.


SprainedMoss says

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The game was alright,it's nice to see a horror game pull off horror without needing jump scares. The atmosphere was good but nothing bad happened until you grabbed the case. The character is very nimble, so I never felt as if I couldn't outrun whatever was chasing me. Extra length and a slower character might have made this a 9-10. Still, good job.


This game has GREAT atmosphere and GREAT potential! The only downside being is that is very short, under 10 mins long and that's on a first time playthrough.

Has the potential to be an awesome psychological horror!

Check out my video of this mod:



DevanMist says

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This game is a lot shorter than you're probably thinking, but they definitely got the ambiance down really well. Play this game alone, at night, in a dark room, with headphones, and you'll probably get scared just from standing in the game. The audio in the game is great. The reason I'm giving this game a middle of the road score of 5 is because nothing happened when I played through it. There weren't really any puzzles apart from "find the only door that isn't locked, get a key, and go to another door, to get a key, etc". Also after reading some comments it seems as if there is a monster, or threat, in the game, but I never got to experience this threat on my playthrough. I simply walked around collecting the items to advance through the next door, got the briefcase, went through a vent, and casually walked out the front door. I never saw any sort of threat or menace which made it seem a bit boring. Again, the ambiance is great, and if this game were re-made or worked on more it definitely seems like it has potential to be a really good short horror experience. That being said, in the current state I would not be able to recommend this game to friends.

Side Note: Pressing "enter" for the use action button to open doors and such is inconvenient and would be better if it was mapped to be the mouse buttons or any of the keys around WASD.


Best fpsc game ever and one of the best indie horror games play it to feel the power of fpshit creator cause its great this ******* engine has been used millions of time but this is the ****!

Short and Eerie. I would like to see a sequel

I made a short video of The Briefcase check it out if you dare!!!

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This Horror Game had that feeling of eeriness that some other horror games fail to maintain. It was quite short, but I liked it.

Oct 25 2012 by cooljoshua2002