The Amazing Goblin's Workshop is a puzzle game with a story that takes place in a workshop with a steampunk style, filled with goblins and unique gadgets. The player is a promising young goblin engineer, and his task is operate the amazing Magnum Triator +9000, a machine with very special properties used to prepare the materials and build the clients order. Several different problems might happen and you have to be fast because the time is short. ATTENTION:Try not to brake anything! There are 8 different components that must be placed together. In order to collect them, you have to align at least 3 equal components. With the sufficient amount you can build the gadgets, deliver the orders to then finish the levels and progress with the story.

Stwff says

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This game was interesting with good, fun graphics and funny dialogue (cut scene). However, it was a bit buggy and the menu could use some extra work... Also, the screenshots does not represent the game well (for example, the game does not work with a game pad).

On the whole a good and fun game though :)

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