Key Features

  • Placeable cover and barricades
  • 3 teams
  • RTS-style resource management
  • Voting system for in-game upgrades
  • Parkour Movement system

The Afflicted is a 3rd person shooter that pits 3 teams against each other in struggle for resources and power within a crumbling society.The Afflicted was developed from the beginning around the concept of player control. First glances might give the impression of a typical third person shooter, but a few concepts set it apart. It’s a game of cooperative team-building. Players are scored on the collection of resources that allow them to shape the growth of their team. A vital element of success is the creation of structures and barricades that can be placed at the whims of the players. A free-form movement system allows for creative navigation and evasion. The goal is to provide a refined, current-generation shooter that still manages to implement the kinds of choices that bring players back for more.

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After almost a year in the shadows, The Afflicted has been retooled and is looking for a public playable demo in the near future. We're a small indie team, and we've been polishing the game to get it ready for the public as a free download. We're looking forward to getting feedback from our audience and seeing what you think!

Screenshot 24

We can't give out an exact release date just yet, but we wanted to give you a preview of what to expect. When we release our first playable, it will feature:

  • One gametype, the unique Scavenger Mode which is the basis of the core Afflicted gameplay. Capture control points while scavenging for resources to upgrade your team's arsenal!
  • 3 Characters, one per team. This includes two brand new character models presented in the screens, including the outlandish new team, the Psychos! We're only going to have the 3 characters for now, but we're looking into character selection and have more options for characters down the road!
  • Five weapons, each with 3 tiers of upgrades available to the team. There's also the deadly Jackhammer for building upgrades or slaughtering your foes in explicit fashion.
  • Two playable levels, including a retooled version of SinglePoint and a new level called Capitol. These levels each present different approaches to the multi-phase gameplay of Afflicted. We hope that you like them!
Screenshot 1

We're really excited to show you an update and look forward to providing more in the future. Make sure you check out all our new screenshots and the two new gameplay videos for SinglePoint and Capitol!

Afflicted Kickstarter Page is Live!

Afflicted Kickstarter Page is Live!

News 1 comment

The Afflicted is now on! Check out the site for a behind-the-scenes video, detailed information about the game and a diverse list of rewards...

The Afflicted Now Supports DirectX 11!

The Afflicted Now Supports DirectX 11!

News 3 comments

The Afflicted is now integrating support for the Unreal Engine 3 suite of DX11 features! These features include: Multi-sample anti-aliasing Image-Based...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 19)
ScientistMan - - 8 comments

Great looking game. I'm seriously planning on applying to this collage soon, and I read about the game in the tech magazine they sent out. I'm not planning on going into the Game Development field, but it's really great to see what the collage can put out.

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TristanParrish Creator
TristanParrish - - 123 comments

Hey everyone! We now have an official Afflicted Facebook page! Check it out at

Reply Good karma+1 vote
adfjkndjklnhdfs - - 820 comments

Damn, so this game is dead now huh?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
codyfurr - - 1 comments

It liiiiiives!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
PatrickGantt - - 1 comments

Not completely, the large majority of our team graduated from our university and are currently looking for positions in the industry as well as a way to support ourselves financially in the mean time. We have not had a ton of progress lately as we are shifting our schedules for full time work and development time as our secondary full time job.

We do appreciate your interest and thank you for following us this far. We will try and update this page if we get new updates!

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bobthedino - - 1,789 comments

Amazing graphics and art work! Any chance that the size of the 3pp can be changed so the player's model wont be as large of an object in front of the screen? I am guessing a first person perspective is out of the question?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
defragen1 - - 208 comments

lol at the guy running around in the rain without any shirt on

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
GhostOne7 - - 108 comments

Any news? Release date. Alpha test?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TristanParrish Creator
TristanParrish - - 123 comments

Thanks for the interest! We had to adjust some of our scheduling in order to accommodate some revisions that we are making. We are pushing the game into a presentable state as fast as possible, but we don't want to provide a demo or alpha test until we feel that it is representative of the experience we want. Look out for updates in the coming weeks where we will be showing off new content, improved animations and better graphical quality!

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tsaweeos - - 15 comments

The game looks absolutely beautiful but I still have to nit-pick.
When falling, the fingers don't look natural. They're too spaced apart (in a "V" shape). The elbows when sprinting with a pistol or bare hands also look awkward to me; though I can't quite put my finger on it. They either swing too far back or don't sync up with the speed of the leg movement. :S

I'm looking forward to your demo release :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TristanParrish Creator
TristanParrish - - 123 comments

Thanks for your comments. I did all the animations, and I've currently been working to improve them. My tasks get pretty split between production work and management, so it takes me a little while to make updates. I definitely agree about some of the motions being unnatural, and I'm going to be adding a lot more secondary motion and weight-transfer so that they look more credible. Be on the lookout for our next updates to see these improvements!

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