Teleglitch is a roguelike top-down shooter with pixel graphics. The game takes place in procedurally generated military research & training complex that has a different map every time you play. Our mission is to give players like you a chance to walk in the dark corridors, gripping their gun and few last rounds of ammunition. To play with finger on the trigger, high on adrenaline. We want to give you the, paranoid, sweaty, and bloody hard kind of fun.

glubbar says

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Intense, intriguing and difficult rogue-like action game.
It still needs some tweaking here and there, like adding more options (resolution, sound settings, less flashes when teleporting which can be problematic to sensitive eyes, more randomized enemy colours, etc.) but hopefully this will be addressed in the future.

The game is potentially highly modable and the devs are awesome enough to provide a Linux version too!

Worth the buy for me! :)

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Missing a save feature, but so much fun. The game is one of the most immersive I've played in a long time. It can be challenging if you just run, but if you take your time and plan your moves you'll have success.

Jan 4 2013 by TheMagicIsOver