Originally a remake of the Team Fortress modification for Quake. Team Fortress Classic features over nine character classes - from Medic to Spy to Demolition Man - enlisted in a unique style of online team warfare.

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This game is currently going through that "zombified" stage, where its in the limbo between played and dead. This game still has a great community, and a great assortment of mods, including my favorite, Foxbot. This mod also has over 500 waypoints, so you can play it constantly, on or offline. This game has a GREAT learning curve, but once you get a kill, or complete an objective, you have a greatly rewarded sense of success. This game is a must play for any goldsrc game fan, or valve fan. its simple to customize, skins, maps, ect. so go check it out, and waste some time. Afterall, I've blew away 6 years of my life playing this, and it still feels new every time. 10/10

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this was the best team fortress game that i have I played.

multiplayer problems:
some people might say strong profanity, others might post pictures of porn as their spray.

Jul 23 2011 by melech874