A slice-of-life interactive story about choosing your path and living in a community. Help three protagonists make the most important choices of their lives. A unique fantasy Visual Novel blending coziness and melancholy.


A small village known as Windy Meadow may not be rich or famous, yet it offers something even more valuable: harmony. Gorgeous views, serenity of the forest, gentle rivers and fertile land... Even beasts and dragons seem to usually keep their distance.

Nevertheless, not everyone can find peace here. The time has come for three young people to decide what are they going to do with their future. And it’s happening much sooner than they would wish for.

Will Vena, the best huntress in the village, stay with her family? Is it better to take the lucrative job offered by distant merchant guild?

Fabel wants to become a famous bard, but his rough past complicates so many things. Should he follow his dream, or is it finally time to wake up?

And is Iudicia, the local outsider and talented herbalist, going to marry a man she doesn’t love? Is spending her future alone and lonely the only alternative?

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  • Three intertwined stories. For 2,5 hours you get to play as three protagonists with their own problems to solve. Each route offers different moods, topics and perspectives and all of them share the dramatic, final chapter.
  • A multitude of side characters. Their varying personalities and complex relationships make this community feel alive and relatable.
  • An immersive, detailed village. You get to visit multiple buildings and outdoors and see how they change over the course of the game. The carefully thought-out fantasy setting reflects through both the dialogues and visuals.
  • Choices matter. Choice-shaped endings significantly shift the game's atmosphere, while even smaller decisions influence dialogues, events and how your protagonists are perceived by other characters.
  • Heart-warming scenes. A unique mix of coziness and melancholy supported by colorful pixel art and emotional music.
  • Animated visuals. Unlike most Visual Novels, Tales From Windy Meadow replaces the majority of narration with animated character sprites. More than 99% of the in-game text represents dialogues.


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We're ready to share with you what we've been working on since the release of Tales From Windy Meadow.

New language support.

Our Visual Novel is now available in German and Polish. The localisation involves all of the game's elements - interface, images and dialogues. To access these translations, please select the preferred language here:




itchio store



Unfortunately, these translations are not completely compatible with each other. If you started playing in English and would like to finish your playthrough in another language, it is recommended to play the game from the beginning instead. Otherwise, you can create a bilingual hybrid that's going to devour our world.

If everything will go according to plan, there is a chance that the game will also be available in Ukrainian, Indonesian and Simplified Chinese. If you'd like to create a fan translation for any language, feel free to contact us!

map 1

English version updated.

While translating, we found some minor spelling issues that are now fixed. These changes are rather small - missing periods, an unnecessary question mark, a misspelled word... The essence of the dialogues was left unchanged.

Also, some images were slightly modified. In general, we hope that playing the game will be even smoother and it will be easier for you to stay immersed in our fantasy village.


The game has recently appeared on GameJolt. And it's 10% off!


What's to come.

Developing Tales From Windy Meadow was an amazing adventure, but we're getting ready to close this chapter of our lives. We may try to bring the game for mobile devices, however it looks like a difficult task to take upon ourselves. A little break is definitely very needed.

You can be sure that if a new localisation will be available, we're going to let you know about it. We'll also be happy to fix any of the game's imperfections, so if you find anything that you'd like to see improved, let us know about it!

In the nearby future we're also going to share with you the game's soundtrack, though we won't release any commercial DLCs.

Thank you for supporting our project!


screenshot0001 1

Tales From Windy Meadow - Second Trailer

Tales From Windy Meadow - Second Trailer

News 2 comments

5 days before the Steam release, Tales From Windy Meadow introduces a second trailer.

Tales From Windy Meadow - First Official Trailer

Tales From Windy Meadow - First Official Trailer


We’re happy to announce that Tales From Windy Meadow has it’s own store page on Steam, as well as its official trailer.

Tales From Windy Meadow - Weekly Devlog #5 - One step forward...

Tales From Windy Meadow - Weekly Devlog #5 - One step forward...


Since we’re mostly done with programming, time to highlight some of our smaller and larger mistakes.

Tales From Windy Meadow - Weekly Devlog #4 - Standing, walking, acting

Tales From Windy Meadow - Weekly Devlog #4 - Standing, walking, acting


We introduce the basic concepts related to our character sprites - which are separate from the character portraits.

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