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You are a wild spirit who is capable of coming into existence as any animal in a realistically replicated forest, where rules of the wild prevail. Fight or Flight. Here you must survive, using your wits, strength, bravery and cunningness. Grow up from a cub, find a home and mate, have kids and raise them, leave a legacy and rule the forest.

Journey through a vast, seamless world filled with the wild carnivores and dormant humongous herds of herbivores as you survive in the forest.

You take birth as a cub, weak and untrained for this wild, rampant and harsh forest. There is a chance of your Mother and / or Father being alive with you. As the game is a simulation of the real wild. If you are alone it will be harder for the player to survive initially. Being a child is important as you grow in strength, gain strength quicker when child. Hunt / Forage, find a home and Mate as you grow up with time or quick growth.

Mating will produce kids (if done right), if you die during a fantastic battle. Your spirit has the chance to take over the body of your offspring if you have any. This will enable you as the spirit to live longer and continue your stride towards dominance in the forest. (The spirit can only move in the family blood line ).

The game has been tried to be as realistic as possible. I’ve tried to imitate real animals in the game from smallest animals to the largest. The traits, statistics and behaviours of each animal is unique, distinctive and are recreated from reality.

There is a small story why this game was developed by me personal but a part of the reason why this game to being is to say “Protect our Animals“.

Survivalizm is not an empty sandbox. I’ve tried to fill it with reactive AI all throughout the world. In each area, you enter. The AI isn’t just see player and Attack like 95% of games.

The AI in Survivalizm:

  • Moves in herd
  • Finds its own food and water
  • Finds mates
  • Protects its children
  • Feeds it children
  • Reacts to player:

    - Runs if Player is better in strength or is Predator. (FYI) Some herbivores might try to fight back.

    - Doesn’t care if Player is weaker

    - Fights if it wants to protect its territory or family.


In the world of Survivalizm, survival is more than being well-fed and hydrated. Here you must fight off Predators by keeping a keen eye on the tracks they leave, smell around to find any scents and keep your herd together and strong.


Journey through a huge, seamless world filled with danger and opportunity, exploring everything. Find home, get a mate and grow your herd.


Inspired from countless Survival games and the Shelter Series. Take care of your family while Surviving in a realistic forest environment.

The game is as realistic as I could try to make it. The references are taken from real animals, everything is researched from websites like national geographic, animal planet, wiki, other sites about animals.

Everything has been to the best of effort kept to a realistic fashion: age ,size, weight, movement, fight style, nature of the animal etc.



- Chital Deer

- Red Tail Deer

- White Tail Deer

- Wolf

- Bengal Tiger

- African Lion

- Black Panther

More on the way.


The animal which is chosen by the player will be born into the game as a cub and the gameplay as a child will govern how strong, fast and good the ADULT will have.

The strength and weight gained is critical for an adult animal as Mating, Hunting are directly related to those statistics.


1. Unlock characters abilities in game with levelling up with Age and Actions

(Actions like running for a long time, hunting, foraging)

2. Unlock Animals as a whole. In the beginning of the game you will start off as the smallest animal available (right now Rabbit). Earn Karma points in game which will lead you to unlock the next animal.


Be a part of the herd.

Can player become Herd Leader ? Yes, If you kill the previous herd leader. Then you can become herd leader.

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Major Update : Rebirth



It has been quite some time since my last announcement, so here is an update.

The previous game was majorly in Blueprints so it was laggy and buggy. I'm changing all of the behavior and scripts of the Player into C++, that is going to take some time but it is going to be smooth and bug free.
Only if I did it right in the first time.

Survivalizm has been re done from scratch as you all already know.
All of the game has taken multiplayer into account and all aspects of the game will be multiplayer friendly.

Showcase in video:
- Energy consumption
- Pickup items and consumable items
- Attacking
- AI
- Pickup of dead animals
- Smell

- Completely new 8km^2 landscape with 2 different forest eco systems.

- New UI system, still rudimentary but gets the job done.

- New animation system for deers.

- Herbivores can eat normal grass and not just specific plants.
- If you are holding an item, it is essential you take it to a safe place and stash it or other player s can steal it from you, as seen here :

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