'Super Ubie Land' is a love letter to the classic 2d platformers such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby and more from the nes and snes era! Ubie is flying in his ship through space heading to his home planet. As he passes over planet Earth, he is spotted by Dr. Terrestrial; a scientist desperately on the search for alien life. Dr. terrestrial activates his lasers and shoots at Ubie's ship. Ubie crash lands on Dr. Terrestrial's island and his ship breaks apart into 8 pieces scattering all over. Help Ubie find the pieces to his ship, avoid Dr. Terrestrial and return safely back to his home planet!

Super Ubi Land (view original)

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-Notice: Game is still under HEAVY DEVELOPMENT!-
The Evil Dr. Terrestrial will stop at nothing to keep Ubi imprisoned on Climate Island.
Ubi's Quest: fight past hordes of enemies, collect the pieces to his spaceship, defeat Dr. Terrestrial, and return safely to his home planet!

-Classic 2d platforming
-Thrilling Boss Battles
-Awesome Combos
-Five Exciting Worlds
-Hand Drawn Art
-Excellent Soundtrack

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Coming 2013
-Super Ubi Land Copyright 2012 Notion Games LLC-
Art and Programming by Andrew Augustin
Music and SFX by Calum Bowen