Super Catboy ist ein actiongeladener Platformer im High-Bit-Pixel-Art-Stil, der die besten Elemente der goldenen 16-Bit-Platformer-Ära der 90er Jahre mit zahlreichen Neuerungen kombiniert! Allem voran: CAT CONTENT!

Super Catboy ist kein gewöhnlicher Kater! Zusammen mit seiner verrückten Gefährtin Weapongirl hinterlässt er nichts als Chaos, während er versucht, die düsteren Pläne seines bösen Schöpfers zu durchkreuzen. Bis an die Schnurrhaare bewaffnet und mit der neuesten Sneaker-Technologie ausgestattet, muss er rennen, springen, klettern, schießen und sich seinen Weg durch Horden von anthropomorphen Hundesoldaten kämpfen. Wenn du auf die 80er und 90er, 16-Bit-Platforming, Chiptunes, irrsinnige Bosskämpfe und Katzen stehst, ist Super Catboy genau das richtige für dich.

  • Super Catboy kombiniert den authentischen Stil und die Features der Klassiker aus der 16-Bit-Pixel-Platformer-Ära, mit einer High-Bit-Pixel-Art-Ästhetik
  • Old-School Style trifft auf New-School Features! Super Catboy verbindet Jump'n'Run und Beat'em-Up mit aufregenden neuen Mechaniken
  • Schärfe deine Platforming-Skills, während du es mit den Handlangern eines bösen Wissenschaftlers aufnimmst, um seine Welteroberungspläne zu durchkreuzen
  • Erlerne ein riesiges Repertoire an verschiedenen Moves und meistere ein tödliches Arsenal an Waffen und Nahkampf-Kombos
  • Schalte Bonuslevels frei, wie z. B. herausfordernde Verfolgungsjagden auf dem Motorrad oder in Minenkarren
  • Eine unterhaltsame und actiongeladene Geschichte mit liebenswerten Charakteren und verrückten Bossen erwartet dich
  • Super Catboys Story wird durch detaillierte Pixel-Art-Zwischensequenzen erzählt und bietet abwechslungsreiche Levels von schneebedeckten Bergketten und mystischen Wälder bis hin zu verlassenen Fabriken

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Super Catboy takes place in a fictional world on an earth like planet that combines 80s and 90s aesthetics with modern sci-fi technology, allowing for things such as hovering vehicles.
The world is inhabited by humans and normal animals, and the existence of the anthropomorphic animals that got created by the evil Dr. Ungefug is yet to be revealed.

Catboy is the titular hero of our game and was also created by Dr. Ungefug.
During an airship crash he becomes conscious in front of his broken breeding chamber and while exploring his surroundings he soon meets the first anthropomorphic dogs that got sent there to investigate the crash site and capture surviving subjects.

Right before the crash

Catboy in breeding chamber

Anthropomorphic dogs created by Dr. Ungefug

Instinctively, Catboy will resist and put up a fight against the dogs, only to be discovered by Weapongirl. Upon noticing him, her first reaction is, of course, shooting in his direction.
But she quickly realizes that Catboy is not like the other hostile anthropomorphic animals, and decides to help him escape. Giving him his first gun, the two takeaway on her motorbike.

Weapongirl is a weapon-fanatic crazy young lady, who arguably can be a bit hot-headed.

She loves motorbikes, every type of gun, rifle, rocket-launcher or grenade, which makes her feel a bit lonely sometimes, due to other girls of her age having different interests…

Weapongirl lives with her Granddad, whose name is Gadget Grandpa - well not really, but that’s how they call him anyway, because he is a great tinkerer who always has some new inventions to try out. He supports Catboy on his way to save the world and equips him with technology like the dashing shoes.

Relaxing moments in the game, with Catboy, Gadget Grandpa, and even some motorbikes in the back

News channel 6 has caught wind of Dr. Ungefug’s evil plans, and they have sent out a team of reporters trying to get some good material of Catboy and his friends fighting for justice whenever they can. They usually arrive at the scene when Catboy fights one of Dr Ungefug’s evil boss creatures.

News channel 6 van

Sergeant Wilkins is the main hero of the game. Without his brave involvement, Catboy would have never been able to manage anything. All credit and honor is due to him. At least that’s what he thinks. He appears occasionally, to see if everything is in accordance with the law.

Sergeant Wilkins

-Your Retro Games-, Catlovers, Super Catboy creators, masterminds, and developers Pixelpogo: Arthur and Thomas-

Super Catboy Devlog #1 - A homage to the classics

Super Catboy Devlog #1 - A homage to the classics


Cats? Dogs? 16-bit? What is going on? - Developer Pixelpogo gives insights into the creation of Super Catboy!

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