Tanks roll. Soldiers march. Battleships bristle. Planes thunder high above a battlefield where untold legions lie wounded or dying. World War II has arrived, and only you can turn the tide in Sudden Strike 3, the latest in the multimillion-selling line of award-winning Real-Time strategy games, which brings history’s most storied conflicts to life right on your desktop.

Shrektacular says

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I always liked Sudden Strike games and I was very much looking forward to this one.

However, this game almost makes it but falls short sadly shot itsself in the foot I think. There aren't many missions and once you complete the singleplayer, there isn't any kind of 'scenario maker' or anything where you can play any map you wish and such. I also found the unit-pathfinding very clumbsy and annoying at times, so that can be quite frustrating.

I think mods could have saved this game, the engine is nice, good sound effects, nice long-range battles and you have to think about fuel and ammunition. But the missions you're given are kind of, well, crap. If there were more ways to organise your units (such as making tanks form formations/convoys and the soldier-grouping worked_ it would've made it more playable.

Don't be me wrong though, it's actually quite fun and unique but once you realise there isn't really much of the game to play you feel kind of sad and bored.

Sadly fireglow studios seem to have died so I doubt there will ever be another sudden strike game ;_;

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