Subnautica is an open world underwater exploration and construction game. We are Unknown Worlds, the developers of Natural Selection 2, and Subnautica is our new project. Subnautica will combine elements of role playing, sandbox, exploration and cinematic games to create a unique experience, the genre of which we do not believe has yet been invented.

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Subnautica is an underwater open world adventure game in development at Unknown Worlds, the creators of Natural Selection 2. Today, we are releasing the first pre-alpha in-game screenshots of this new game! These screenshots coincide with Subnautica being revealed and shown at PAX East 2014 – The first time Subnautica has ever been shown publicly and playable anywhere in the world.

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‘Pre-Alpha’ is a way of saying ‘before this game is even vaguely ready to be properly considered a product that could be released.’ These screenshots are taken from a real playthrough of a real playable version of Subnautica, but they are very, very early. The game you see here has only been worked on for a few short months. They do not represent what the final product will look like. They do represent some of the gameplay and visual themes that we hope to express when Subnautica is released. We are very proud, and excited to be showing them to you now.

Subnautica Pre-Alpha: Safe Shallows

In the first screenshot, called ‘Safe Shallows,’ the player is swimming in a coral reef area rich in life. The fish and rays present react to the player’s presence, some are scared, some are curious. Throughout the coral reef area, resources may be found, shells and caves explored, and fish caught. The water is quite shallow, allowing sunlight to play across the player’s vision. This is where players start in our PAX East 2014 demonstration. While it is very early, and not representative of the final product, this is not a staged screenshot and it is really playable!

Coral Reef Zone Concept

Safe Shallows is the in-game realisation of coral reef concept art such as the piece above: Many of the life forms and features that you see in this concept have made it into this early build of Subnautica.

Subnautica Pre-Alpha: Sub and Stalkers

The second screenshot, which we call ‘Sub and Stalkers,’ shows off many different gameplay elements. This screenshot is taken deeper down in the world, and less light is reaching the sea floor. Different life forms are present, from unique coral formations to the terrifying and dangerous Stalkers. The player is maneuvering using the Sea Glide, a personal water vehicle with a propeller that is faster than swimming with arms alone. Using the Sea Glide, it is possible to evade the hungry (and quite aggressive!) Stalkers.
Most notably, the player is before a Cyclops – The first submarine to make it into Subnautica. At the lower right of the vessel, above the tail of the right-most Stalker, you can see an open door. This door leads to a hatch, through the player may enter the Cyclops. In this early pre-alpha stage, the Cyclops has an extensive detailed interior, which you can glimpse through the bridge glass. Players can board the Cyclops and pilot it around the world, faster and with more protection from danger than while swimming or using the Sea Glide.

Subnautica Pre-Alpha Screenshot: Koosh Bush Zone

This is the Koosh Bush Zone – An area of the environment featuring lots of different sizes of Koosh bush, among which creatures dart about. These glowing, pulsating orbs are examples of the multitudes of unique flora that Subnuatica will feature. Note that the little turquoise balls on the Koosh bush are glowing – Sure to be a spectacular light show when the sun goes down…

Subnautica Pre-Alpha: Grassy Plateau

Being underwater means Subnautica’s environments can take on wonderful vertical freedom: Even shallow areas like this grassy plateau can feature towering geographical features, all of which can present opportunities for exploration. Ahead of the player, at the lower left, sits a Jumper – A unique creature that many PAX attendees have enjoyed playing with as it leaps across the sea floor, watching the player with its downward facing eye.

All four of the screenshots we have revealed this weekend come from Subnautica in a playable state, they are not staged, static constructions. These are early days: Only a tiny fraction of environments, creatures, game mechanics, equipment, graphical features and technical systems are implemented. Subnautica has lots of development time ahead, we hope these screenshots have given you an appealing first taste of what you are in for…


Makes me wish I was in that wet suit.

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I'm loving this and ready to dawn my dive gear...great job!

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Just for fun, I hope we will be able to go back at the surface just to get a ship or basic base that will ben then underwater!

Can't wait to play that game!! Anxiously waiting for it :) I've been waiting forever for a great game underwater that would be deeper than all that was made until now.

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