Strike Eye VR is a VR experience, when you stand surrounded by enemies, coming to hit you. Good news: you can destroy them with your look. Not really one: you can kill only moving ones, but they always moves right behind your back. Hints: - Look at enemy to freeze him. - Turn away to make them unfreezed and moved. - Then quickly turn and look directly on the enemy to kill him. - Don`t keep them close to you! Play in VR or on usual screen! No nausea, no taps - look and kill! Keep you self alive as long as you can. Take a little rest between the waves. Select most liked weapon. Good luck! Best in headphones. How to play: - Enemy can be Hot or Cold; - Hot enemy can move and attack; also can be killed. - Cold enemy can not move nor be killed; - Enemy goes cold when you look at him; - Enemy goes hot behind your back; - Look at hot enemy to kill him!

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Welcome new VR experience


Hi, guys! Just released new experimental gameplay demo - Strike Eye VR (android / WebGL).

The game is in abctract cyberpunk setting, inspired by famous "SuperHot" shooter. Main concept is that enemy can move or be killed only behind your back. They are so shy, freezes when you look at them. So you have to turn your head quickly to not let them come and hit you.

Get it for free (no cash, no ads):
StrikeEyeVR on GooglePlay

Web versions (Non-VR):



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Any feedback welcome!

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