Stream Avatars is a program enabling viewers in your twitch stream to be represented with avatars and gear that you import to the software. The user/streamer can choose who gets to show up, whether it's all viewers, your followers, subscribers, or just individuals with special privileges that you set.


  • Create content at the request of your loyal viewers or have your viewers help create content for your stream
  • Use Premade Avatars/Gear created by other game developers and artists
  • Create your own Avatars/Gear by importing your own assets
  • Customize viewer name tags
  • Customize backgrounds by importing assets / animated props
  • Set default avatar/gear layout for new users
  • Persistent Data - viewers that visit your stream and customize their avatar will have it stored for the next time they visit your stream

Chat Commands

  • !help (shows a list of available commands)
  • !avatar (shows a list of selectable avatars)
  • !avatar avatar_name (selects the avatar)
  • !gear (shows a list of gear_names for selected avatar)
  • !gear_name (shows a list of gear_items)
  • !gear_name gear_item (equips the selected item to your selected avatar)
  • !jump (forces user's avatar to jump)
  • !sit (forces user's avatar to sit)
  • !custom_animation_name (forces user to play custom animation, ie: !dance)
  • !show (shows the users current stats, avatar, and gear selections)
  • !mass command_name(causes command to happen for every viewer in chat, example: !mass sit [everyone sits])

Some examples of using commands:



!littlehats tophat


!colors green

!mass jump

!mass sit

Features in development

  • Minigames
  • Spawnable Events
  • Donation Alert Event
  • Follower Event
  • Welcome new chatter Event
  • Subscriber Alert Event
  • Bot currency & reward system


Discussion forums for Stream Avatars Community page.

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