The game is set in the nearest future. The main character finds himself in a post apocalyptic ruins of a former megapolis, filled with horrible mutants. Trying to find out the reasons of the global disaster and in order to prevent himself form mutating further, Alex goes on a journey to the Mutant city. On the way he meets horrible creatures who live in complete darkness and solves puzzle to make his way through the ruins of the city. The main character moves across the levels which consist of several screens. Each screen makes you fight mutants and solve various puzzles. Character moves from screen to screen according to various arrows which suggest a non-linear walkthrough

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Avoc says

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To jakiś żart. Gra na ~10 minut, ponad 500 MB? Aż śmiać się chce... Krótka podróż w świat zombie w oprawie 2.5D, z siermiężnym systemem walki. Niestety - nieudana zupełnie. Czy to w ogóle gra? Raczej prac zaliczeniowa studenta informatyki. Jedynie grafika na plus. Cała reszta, to jakiś wybryk. Niestety szkoda, że lepiej wygląda w opisie i na screenach, niż w faktycznym stanie. Biednie, biednie, biednie. Nie polecam.


epic just epic... thats all good bye XD


cpmjr1 says

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Incomplete translation, bizarre user interface and an incomplete tutorial rendered this game unplayable for me.

I did like the graphics though. Nice style.


samwenger says

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nice fighting game...downloading now :3 i hope this gonna work ^_^


cCANT says

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I love the style of the game =].



Boboua says

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This game looks interesting. However, it doesn't even work.


Bad Controls, you die easily


Batguerra says

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This game was a little boring, I was expecting more, but I've already seen this kind of gameplay somewhere else, the story is terrible, I just ended it now, only 10 minutes of game, man I'm really ****** off, but it tries to be a new version of the classic resident evil with a mix of STALKER, and the nthis happened.

Good: Nice graphics and environment light effects.
The ending made me want more.
Some good monsters to fight.

Bad: Bad and short gameplay
Few itens to use.
Controls are a little messed up, and you can't use any control of the mouse to attack.
Language sometimes changes to Russian in the dialogues box.
Achievement system still don't work and need some updates.

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