This story is about a samurai who is looking for his destiny. Japan, the era of samurai, shinobi and frogs eating the rolls. "Stories of shadows: Samurai" is an arcade mobile game. Be quick like ninja and clever like a samurai. Hit the flying arrows, shurikens, spears. Catch the rolls and buy a netsuke. I want you to meet Mr. himura and find out the truth of his province. About the game: 1. Two types of games "Story mode" and "Free mode". 2. For the passage of the "story Mode" you need to collect all the tokens. 3. "Story mode" made in the style of comics. 4. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics, 5. Beautiful traditional Japanese music.

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Hi! We have released our second game for android.

Genres: Arcade
Engine: Unity

Once in the night sky began to fall stars. People did not know why this happened. With the goal of bringing all the stars back to their place, the bravest and resourceful went to a fascinating adventure. Their indispensable companion was a magic ball.
Go along with the classic ball on a journey to a mysterious night to where the stars are falling. Collect all the stars, open new locations, go through all the traps and return the stars to their places. You are waiting for beautiful landscapes and bewitching music that will completely sink you into this adventure.
The classic ball and the night of the falling stars - this is an exciting arcade platformer, with beautiful graphics, pleasant music and intuitive one-handed control.


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Stories of shadows: Samurai

Stories of shadows: Samurai


This story is about a samurai who is looking for his destiny.

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