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This is a comic-styled platformer game about a boy named Steven. As any hero, one must have a reason to go on an adventure. His reason? Some guy has stolen his most prized possesion... His Oreo cookies!

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Steven has overcome his challenge, but there is more to be discovered... Can he overcome the greatest threat yet?

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Hello everyone! My name is Jason, lead programmer and head of Dark Revolver Games. I am here to tell you about our new game, Steven's Adventure 2!! As you can tell by the title, this game is a sequel to the first Steven's Adventure, which you can check out and download for FREE right HERE!!

Steven's Adventure is a 2D sidescrolling platformer game with an awkward sense of humor. The original had over 25 levels, difficult challenges, a variety of enemies, and various puzzle elements (with a dash of easter eggs). As the sequel, we hope for this game to surpass the original in every way. Here are a list of things that will be in this game that we see as an improvement over the original...

  • Better Variety of Gameplay!- More interactivity and more advanced forms of movement will be in this game. The previous game lacked environmental interactivity, which is something that I, personally, am quite furious about (I didn't have as much experience then as I do now, hopefully I can produce something much better!)
  • HUGE Graphical Improvement!- The previous game had horrible graphics and was crammed onto a 640 x 480 window. In this game, we boosted the resolution to 1280 x 720 and will have decent artists to paint and craft this masterpiece of a game.
  • More Gameplay!- The original game only had around 25 levels, most of which were designed freestyle and not given much thought about the experience the player will have. In this game, there will be more (I imagine the final product having around 50 levels, no final decision on that yet) and each level will be pre-planned and have challenges for the player to overcome!
  • Better/More Advanced Boss Fights!- In the original, "boss fights" usually meant you were fighting giant versions of pre-existing monsters in the game. Like I said, I didn't have as much experience back then, so there wasn't much I could do about it. In this game, each boss fight will be a unique and challenging experience for the player to overcome!
  • MORE SECRETS!!- The original Steven's Adventure only had a few little easter eggs and one secret level. From the gameplay videos I watched, people enjoyed finding the secrets, but were disappointed when they couldn't find more. Steven's Adventure 2 will feature hella Easter Eggs and quite a few secret levels for people to enjoy!

I only have a little bit of progress done on the game so far. Here are a few screenshots of what I have to show you!

Title Screen 1.0
Early Dev Shot 1
Early Dev Shot 2

And that's what I have so far. I also have a short video showing early gameplay.

And that is all I have for you guys today. Track the game if you seem interested, and be sure to check out the original Steven's Adventure if you want to see what I am building off of! Until next time, I love you guys and appreciate any and all support/feedback. If you have suggestions, be sure to say so!


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