Set during a golden age of steam technology, Steam Tale is a classical RPG being developed primarily for Android, although we aim to release on multiple platforms eventually. Offering an immersive story following the adventures of Elyra Rayne and her small crew of airship privateers, as they struggle to oppose the rise of a merciless tyrant, and his mad bid for power.

Steam Tale features tactical combat that can take place either on the land, in-between small groups of characters, or in the skies as huge airships duel amongst the clouds. Each character possess a unique skill tree from which skills can be selected and upgraded as they progress in level. Characters can also be further customized with gear and weapons.

With an original soundtrack, beautiful artwork and rich dialogue we hope to immerse you fully into the world of Steam Tale.

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Steam Tale has come far in its development and after switching to using the Unity engine last fall we have now reached the point where most of the coding and story is completed. What the game lacks now is graphics and music and to fix those problems we need to raise enough money to hire artists to the team. To this effect we have started a crowdfunding campaign over at and during the next 37 days we hope to raise all the cash needed to finally complete Steam Tale.

During the next 37 days we will be releasing daily concept art images on our Facebook page and show of more of our games story and world. If you want to know more about steam tale then please check out our Facebook page and please head over and check out our crowdfunding at FundedByMe

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