Come aboard station 05, where things are never as they seem, where allies can be enemies, and danger can lurk around the next corner...

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Why haven't more concept art or models been posted? Short answer, HUD development.

Long answer, working out how most of the concepts from the game we're remaking will work in 3D as an FPSMG (First Person Shooter Multiplayer Game, if you want to know.), How the HUD can be transformed from the 2D, Top Down one to a new 3D FPS one, and how some core 'Jobs' from said game will work.

Currently we're focusing on the HUD and Basic Concepts, such as movement, jobs, and items.

Hopefully we will have the time to post a video of glass breaking when we get that added, along with the Pulse rifle in-game, as I've been a bit lazy on texturing it.

This wasn't much of a news post on the content front, but I thought I should let you guys know we aren't dead or missing.

Hopefully we'll have SOMETHING of value to put up next week or sooner.

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