Summoned to your dead grandfathers estate, you arrive to find the inhabitants ill with a mysterious illness. As a scientist you must unravel this sinister mystery before it is to late.

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Update 7/2/18


Hi Everyone!

It has been a long time since the last update. This delay was due to life and other things that required my attention. However, I am slowly getting back on track. One factor in the delay was that I switched from the UDK to Unreal Engine. UDK was just being very difficult, lots of freezes, import issues and crashes. So I began in the past couple months, on and off learning and starting over with Unreal Engine, and it is going much smoother. I originally wanted this game out last October, my new release for a demo (or first full level) is this October. Below are some updates that I have accomplished, not a lot has been done, but being a one man developer, learning and doing almost everything on my own (besides some projects I have outsourced) it has taken time. I hope your developments are going well and keep at it!

More Soon.


  • Imported majority of assets from UDK into Unreal
  • Implemented basic start menu
  • Implemented basic pause menu
  • Completed Door animation with sound
Adding assests and noob learning

Adding assests and noob learning


Hi there, I am finally adding some assets to the game engine and still learning the ins and outs of game development.

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