StarForge is a sci fi survival sandbox. Hunt to eat, dig for resources, craft many items, build a fort, and fight enemies in order to survive! Do this alone, or with other players, in a fully infinite procedural world.

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Our weekly review detailing the goings on of the studio on its current project. This week we're covering some of the new front end changes including sights and beacons.

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Howdy y'all! How was your week? I hope it was as awesome as our week has been! We've been just throwing down with the new content in the game, and our programming team have been using extra helpings of bug spray this week. Today we'll be showing you what the pistol and zipgun look like in-game, and we'll be showing off a few new items that'll help make your time here on Atlas just that little bit more manageable.

The Pistol and Zip-Gun are going to be the first weapons available for the majority of playthroughs of Starforge. We wanted to make it feel like there's an appreciation for the struggle that you're thrust into on Atlas, and a weapon like the zip-gun does just that. It's shoddy, it's got one shot, and not the quickest reload time either. It's less than ideal, but it might make the difference between getting poached by an opportunistic player, or an early grave.


And next up we've got the pistol. It's got several shots per clip, reloads quickly, and is precisely accurate. It's a great first legitimate weapon and is set to be the trusty sidekick to any adventurer's tale on Atlas.


What we've got coming up next for the player is pretty fantastic. Due to the vastness and procedural nature of the world of Atlas, we've decided to help parties better find and stick to each other with this handy tool:


YUP! It's a NAV beacon. It's a small device that when deployed, emits a beam of light, to signify to others where you are, or to mark the location of resources or bases. It can also be set to any color by the user, and can have some fantastic results:

Welcome to Raveforge. (There are totally glowsticks in there)

...looks like a sweet show from up here:

Love From Above! ...Lookin' Fantastical!

That's just the first of many changes that were made to make life a little bit more manageable on a new planet. The next one is really cool. Check out this view:


Yup! Sights and scopes are now a thing, in Starforge! It makes a world of difference in the feel of the game, and really helps pinpoint those shots, particularly pertinent now that one has to count the shots in their possession.

An alternative holographic sight

We're really excited to have added sights to all of our weapons, it promotes a feeling of engagement and control that we feel will provide better immersion in an open-world.

Aside from that, our programming team has been going into overdrive when it comes to smacking down bugs. We've heard the pleas from the Community -- further optimizations, bug fixes and performance back-end work is being really emphasized during this update cycle. We hope to deliver a really polished, stable and fun product to you for the next release.

And with that, we've recapped our week! Hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy the wonderful outdoors! (Including the ones found on Atlas).

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I hope you will remove the flying eyeball and leech soon and start to add creatures like the daperdilo and wurmi and ofcourse a new enemy with better ai behaviour. And something like a nest/hive spawn mechanic or something like that.

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Are the weapons still going to be procedurally generated?

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