Star Wars: Jedi Knight II is a series of games evolving around the phenomenally popular Star Wars movie franchise. Many spin off games have resulted but few have captured the nature of the force and all awesome things associated such as wielding a light saber as well as this game. Battle your way using an array of guns the always handy light saber and of course dark force powers! Also in the works is many modifications which will see players battle more never before seen Star Wars foe and add many intriguing new game play elements that are certain to keep both Star Wars enthusiasts and gamers entertained for hours. So be sure to scope out just a few if not all of the modifications created for this game!

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Jedi Redemption - Features

Jedi Redemption - Features

Jedi Redemption 5 comments

Hello and welcome to my mod of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. If immersion is what your after, then Jedi Redemption delivers it by the bucketload.

Mod Appreciation Week: My Favourite Mods Of All Time

Mod Appreciation Week: My Favourite Mods Of All Time

Feature 19 comments

ModDB’s Editor recalls the mods that were responsible for some of his best gaming moments

Moddb Page opened!

Moddb Page opened!

Jedi Outcast High Resolution Texture Project 1 comment

As the description above says, new textures are four times the size of the original Raven textures. Here are some examples to show you just how much bigger...

Full Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast Source code released!

Full Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast Source code released!

News 20 comments

Full Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast source code released, Modders rejoice!

Creating Curved (Corner) Cylinders

Creating Curved (Corner) Cylinders

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 1 comment

How to create bends, T-junctions and corners in pipes and other cylindrical architecture. This tutorial also covers creating hollow pipes with thick edges...

Horizon Blending

Horizon Blending

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 2 comments

This tutorial will instruct you on how to create a seamless blend between your 3D terrain and playable map and the horizon of your skybox, which I call...

BSP-Level based game Engines

BSP-Level based game Engines

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 7 comments

This tutorial explains how the technology behind the mapping process works, and how the game engine knows what it has to calculate. The required background...

Colosseum 1.0 Released

Colosseum 1.0 Released

Colosseum Version 1.0 2 comments

Colosseum Version 1.0 can now be downloaded from or as always from the Colosseum Official Website. Using the Jedi Outcast (JKII) engine...

Promod 3.1 Server open to the public!

ProMod 1.0

I have completed the 3.1 release of Promod, and now have it posted on my public game server: Artifex's Promod 3.1 public server You...

Class System

Price Of War

The Class System is almost complete, now with the 3 different categories and the Senator. The game already handles force powers available only for Jedi/Sith...

Promod Forums now open!

ProMod 1.0

Everyone interested in Promod 3.0 for Jedi Outcast can now congregate and pontificate in the new Promod forums. They're located just off the main Promod...

Promod 3.0 Going Well -- 3.1 in the Works

ProMod 1.0

Well, 3.0 has been out for a little while now, and the overwhelming opinion of it is very positive! The number of Promod 3.0 server continues to grow...

Promod 3.0 Released!

ProMod 1.0

After 3 long months, Promod 3.0 is complete! There's a tonnage of changes, not the least of which is the new Player Class system and the new Jetpack...

Promod 3.0 Release tomorrow!

ProMod 1.0

That's right. It's finally done! Promod 3.0 will be publicly released tomorrow! It's been a huge amount of work, but I'm really pleased with how it's...

DragonBall-Z : The Power Within Updates

DragonballZ: The Power Within 1 comment

The Site is nearly back to full strength along with the prouction of the mod, We are still looking for modelors and coders and animationists to help get...

Jetpack progress

ProMod 1.0 2 comments

I've coded most of the jetpack physics and controls, and it's turning out better than I expected. Closed beta testing is showing the jetpack to be nearly...

ProMod 3.0 to be first non-beta release!

ProMod 1.0

The core of the game is becoming stable enough to justify ProMod 3.0 as a non-beta release. I hope to release it soon, but I am beating the crap out of...

Falling Earth searching for a coder!!


Falling Earth is a new Dragonball z mod for Jedi Knight 2. We have almost a complete team, but we only need a CODER and a SKINNER!! Other team members...

Release Date for Beta 3

ProMod 1.0

I've been working on Beta 3 quite a bit lately, and if things proceed at the current rate, I'm looking to release it sometime on Friday the 25th of this...

Continuing work on Beta 3

ProMod 1.0

I'm just sitting down to code for the next couple of days. I've got all my requirements listed out and have about 30% of them implemented already. The...

New version of Sod Mod


its a News Version of the Sod MOd released based on the force mod... Download it and have fun...

Working on the plans for Beta 3

ProMod 1.0

I'm getting a list together for Beta 3 at the moment. Most of the list is completely new stuff thanks to the solidity of the Beta 2 code, so very few...

ProMod Beta 2 Strategy Guide Due today

ProMod 1.0

I'm currently working on putting up a verbose instruction page that will detail the working of the Combat Strength Crosshair and the new Bonus Meters...

ProMod Beta 2 Released!

ProMod 1.0 1 comment

ProMod Beta 2 is now available for download at There's a ton of changes from Beta 1, and all the reported bugs are fixed. Check out the...

More Beta 2 news

ProMod 1.0

I'm continuing to work with Beta 2, getting everything balanced and making sure all the features I think are necessary are in and working properly. The...

Galactic Warfare Progress

Galactic Warfare

I’m happy to announce that I have finished the flight system for Galactic Warfare a few days ago, this will be one of the many features which will be...

Beta 2 release very close now

ProMod 1.0

Here is some good news for Jedi-Knight gamers.. it looks like ProMod is nearly ready for release. Heres the press release "I've been working on Beta 2...

Current State of ProMod Beta 2

ProMod 1.0

I've been working hard on the Beta 2 release, tweaking some balance issues and fixing a few bugs. Beta 2 will, for the most part, be limited to stuff...

Web site

Jedi Knight 2: Team Assault 1 comment

As well as our news section, our forums are also temporarily down. I would like to apologise for the state of our website and our forums at the moment...

Things are on schedule

Jedi Knight 2: Team Assault

Our team is a Multiplayer, Team Play Oriented mod built on the Star Wars: Jedi Knight II engine! So far things are on schedule. Several maps are currently...

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