On a diplomatic mission for the New Republic, Luke Skywalker and his friends, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and the droids R2-D2 and C3-P0 were passing through a remote galaxy' At the helm of the Republic cruiser were Han and Chewie, while Luke practiced his Jedi skills elsewhere on the ship' Suddenly, Luke fell into a profound deep sleep' In a vision, he saw an ancient man, who spoke to him' "Luke, I have been waiting for you for a long time'" "Who are you?" said Luke' "I am your father's father, Amon-Ra, the Jedi Master" the man replied' "I didn't know my father's father was still alive," Luke replied' "There are many things that will soon be revealed to you," answered Amon-Ra, "You draw closer to me by the moment' Soon, all shall be revealed to you'" Abruptly, Luke awoke from the dream to find a great deal of time had passed' The cruiser he was in was no longer flying, but instead, was rapidly filling with...

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Dec 13 2006 Anchor

As I become aware of bugs in the 1.0 release of the game, I will post them here. Unless otherwise noted, they will be fixed in the next release.
- Saving the game while not playing Luke cause health and ammo to drop to 0 after reloading and then changing back to Luke.
- Loading a game saved while playing R2D2 will cause a Resource 100 not found error if sounds are on.
- Can grab up to 10 fault detectors from IG-88.
- Forgot to assign the security code an inventory graphic. Also had to set it so you only got the code once.
- Font size was tough to read. Characters were 8x8, will be 12x12.
- When playing as R2D2, he was still in the inventory.
- could still exit Droidz without getting everything. You would end up behind the bouncer droid, but that's it.
- you could repeatedly shoot and stun Luuk with the AT-AT until the game eventually gives a "" in objects.dat not found error.
- lightsaber battles were not forced.

Not changed yet:
- allow the pause key to be reassigned.
- some report the game does not work on Windows 98. I cannot test this. I don't use any API calls that are not included from Win95 onward, nor any special controls that only work on XP. So I'm at a loss here.

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Dec 14 2006 Anchor

Version 1.1 has been released, so the v1.0 list is final.

If bugs are found in v1.1, I'll post them here.

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