Star Sonata is a space-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO), that uses a third-person 2d overhead view similar to that of Asteroids. In addition the game offers complex and involved commerce, construction and team systems. It's a hybrid of action, RPG, and empire creation. The goal for players in Star Sonata is to bring their team to domination and claim the seat of emperor.

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As a veteran of Star Sonata, I first played the game about 6 years ago now. It was still relatively young then, and I've seen it grow and mature.

Originally, I was a perpetual F2P player. Alas, there was only so much that could be accomplished and when I had achieved great things for such a low leveled player, including membership on a then top 3 team (still regularly top 5 to this day) I lost interest.

It wasn't long however before the game drew me back, and this time with my credit card in hand. The game had changed significantly in the time I'd been played, and subscribing opened up a whole new world of possibility. The universe seemed vast and ripe with adventure once again. I began to work my way up, growing stronger, discovering new facets to the game play, new challenges to be faced, new enemies to conquer. I joined on with fledgling teams and we grew together to face the cosmos. Once again I worked my way up to another top 3 team, all the way getting deeper into the game as more complex aspects opened themselves to me.

That is the way of Star Sonata. It is initially a simple game. It's concept one that calls to the very hearts of most men. Placed at the helm of a starfaring ship, you pilot among the stars to meet new frontiers and face challenging enemies. You begin in a small, sequestered region of the universe, complete missions, gain strength. Even here, some of the ships looming in the nebulae seem powerful and foreboding. Before long, however, you rise to meet them. Just when you've hiked your leg on the last of them, believing yourself to be the grand champion, you are thrust into the true vastness of the game and you realize how small you yet are.

All in all, a great game that's had me hooked. New places, new enemies, new ships and equipment. Exploring new styles of play, empire building, economic expansion, and team dynamics this is a game that has a lot to offer. Support the few dedicated devs behind this game.

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