Star Ruler is a 4X/RTS Hybrid on a grand scale. Mod everything, design anything; play what you want, how you want, when you want.

ran88dom99 says

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Horribly stupid and pointless micro in planet management. AI can't do it either. Not nearly as many winning ship builds as you would think.

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Sorry, this is not an actual 10/10, but a 9/10, deduct that from the following review :P Excellent game, though the battles tend to be extremely long (but that is just how these games are, and that's why there is my friend the "speed up" button). I adore customizing, so the ability to blueprint your own ships was what made me buy this game. What i found extremely disappointing though is that the placement of items didn't seem to matter that much. all ships are the same dull model with maybe an extra…

Jan 3 2011 by Subject134127