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My RSI Aurora
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☣GenezisO☢ Creator

Good work man, for example, if you play Crysis 3 - there are options for motion blur =>low/medium/high and many people may be wondering(me too) why there is no way how to turn it of absolutely.
In my opinion, this blur effect is annoying and doesn't make any game realistic/nice/better/whatever, I personaly hate it, I am surprised that you figured out how to turn it off in SC.

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I didn't think to try out Crysis 3 codes to get rid of it, very nice, I've always thought motion blur is the worst thing you can put into a game to try to get it to look better, all it does is add more blur to the already realistic amount your eyes have! I managed to figure out the screenshot button but do you know where the screenshots are placed? I had a brief look around the typical locations but couldn't find any of the shots I'd taken.

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ElfFriend Author

Sorry for the late reply. I think it's in (Place where you put Star Citizen)\StarCitizen\CitizenClient\USER and then look for a folder called screenshots. It should be there, I can't check right now since it decided that today was a good day to give me the infinite loading scene and I don't have that folder since I reinstalled Star Citizen a few times since taking the pictures that I uploaded here. In fact the very camera angle says that this screen shot is between Patch 1 and Patch 3. (Wall disappeared as a result of Pact 1 and I had to ensure it wasn't in frame)

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Probably a little late but there are a few things I would like to share with the rest of you and one of the best ways is by posting a picture so it appears in your updates so that you read this:)

So a lot of people were complaining about motion blur. So I figured out how to turn it off. Since this game uses CryEngine3 nearly every code that worked for Crysis3 will work on this game.
Turn of motion blur with r_MotionBlur 0
Crouch toggle can be turned off with cl_crouchToggle 0
There are others for setting your FOV, brightness, etc but I haven't tried all of them and I know not all the codes work:( this is an okay source for getting commands for Star Citizen except that not all of them work as I mentioned before.
If for whatever reason you never used a command line in a game to "cheat" or modify something its just the key right above tab on a regular qwerty keyboard.
Just press `
Also screen shots can be taken by pressing f12 and I was able to teleport between the cockpit and bunk in my aurora by pressing 1.

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