Ok this RPG is not based in the actual Chernobyl, because it's hard to recreate every thing to the last detail. And as some of you might know, I'm working on this game alone. So I have no one to help and such.

So I decided to create my own fictional city, similar to Chernobyl for STALKER game, but with a little of my own taste. So there will be old, imperial Russian and soviet military bases/fortifications; some will have allies in them, few will have nothing, while most will have enemies.

Also I have no idea how to recreate the radiation in the RPG. But maybe I will figure it out somehow later on.

Also faction wise, I want to keep the faction names from the original STALKER games. I wont copy any characters form the original games, every character will be original.

The plot is simple (for now), the main character (Cold - that's what I named him) is looking for a girl in the zone (his best friend from childhood). So he goes through the whole Zone to find her, pretty much killing anyone in his way.

I'm trying to make this multi-optional, so the game has at least three endings. Also I'm planning to add faction wars and join faction option.

As for characters I got Cold and Ghost (his buddy from the zone).
They are both Loners - stalkers that try to stay neutral and mind their own business.

As for weapons... I know that in an RPG, too many weapons is not good. I think it will be all right if I create, 6 pistols, 6 rifles, 4 shotguns and 1 SMG.

For armour, well there will be 3 armours for each faction. Also the factions will be a bit different. Like the Clear Sky for example;
Clear Sky will not be a scientific faction but a more protective faction. Well basically they try to help people live in the towns and cities controlled by them. But for that to happen the main character has to do quests for the Clear Sky leader "Groza".

All of this what I wrought here, is either in progress, or just a plan.

Also my work time is limited due to college and real life but I will try and work as often as I can.

I think this is all.
Thank you for reading.

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For sometime i was thinking about the storyline, since i have to createmy own 'Zone', i have to come up with my own storyline. But more orless i have an idea of what's gonna happen. Here is a short backstory:

In 2012 a group of Chechen Mujahedin occupied a nuclear power plant in
Russia, after detonating the charges there was a massive explosion in
one of the reactors. All was well planned by the Chechen, but one
thing went wrong. They didn't expect the creation of the

Now it's 2014 and similar thing is going like in the Ukraine. Stalkers,
Bandits, Factions and Russian Military. A fight for the zone is on.
Old Imperial forts and fortifications are made into bases. Weapons
from all around the world can be found in the zone, as the different
clans fight for the control of the zone. Their main object is to get
hands on as many artifacts as they can, for Sale to the outside
world. Well except the Russian Military, they try to contain the zone
and fight it.

Now back to present time, our hero "Ghost" is a young stalker,
his childhood friend Anna, came to the zone to search for him. Even
thought she was told not to do so. Now she went missing, and it's
Ghost's job to find here and get out of the zone.

If people have suggestions for how the plot should go on, please PM me. :)
Also i was kind of stuck with college work so i didn't have much time to work on the game. But im close to retexturing stuff, to make it look more STALKER ish.

Thanks for reading,


Hey Denxson, still working on this project?
I've recently bought the RPG Maker VXAce license, so I will start effectively making games, and my first idea was a spin-off of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and then I entered here in ModDB and saw your project, it actually attracted my atention.
Surely there will be rivalry at our projects =P, but either way, if you need any hints, pixel art resources or even complex programation events, talk to me, I'm here to help.
Also, I've developed by January of this year, a radiation system, just talk with me if you interested.

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Actually I think that a decent Number of weapons in an RPG is not a bad thing. The problem is that most RPG's have "Tiers" or "levels" of guns. You start of with a low level gun, for example a AK-47 and move onto a newer much more powerful variant. The thing you should try to do is make each weapon have its own speciality but similar damage attributes, make each gun unique. Also, Tracking :D

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Denxson Creator

Oh okey, i'll to figure something out. And thanks for the watch :)

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Looks strange, and not quite in the style of the Stalker I'm use to, but this could be a good thing, I'll track for now and see how this goes, good luck with the project.

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Denxson Creator

Thank you for the track, and i shall work more on the interface, so it does look more like stalker games' interface.

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