*STACK4*, based on the "Connect 4"™ game classic, reaches into the third dimension introducing a unique "Arcade Mode" that lets you develop astonishing new strategies and utilize powerful extras.

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The upcoming STACK4 version 0.3.0 is going to feature a ton of changes but the most noteworthy is the new online multiplayer mode.
For now this is going to be arcade-mode only, but the classic mode is on my todolist.
You can simply try out the new mode without registering or anything. You have a limited amount of online matches free per day, so there is no need to pay if you don't want to. But since I now need servers to run for STACK4 I also need to take those costs into account when people excessively use the online mode and generate traffic.

Other changes:

  • arcade mode is now limited by rounds not by 100.000 points - ergo the one with the most points after 20 rounds wins
  • the ai uses the +1 extra now
  • all new sound effects, thanks to DanielWeltraum
  • extras drop in empty columns now too
  • various conveniance functions like scrolling lists using swipe

online multiplayer

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