Fidget Spinner Game!Rotate the fidget spinner through drag or tap to fight.

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[Indie Game - Spinner Game] This is an introduction to Spinfighter.

[Spin ​​Fighter Android Download Link]

[Spin Fighter IOS Download Link]

[game introduction]

Hi. I am a korean game developer.

Spinfighter is a new spinner idle game.

Spinfighter is a game that combines the advantages of a idle game and a spinner game.

Spinfighter is a game where a fighter (space fighter) fires a bullet to defeat a monster by spinning.

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[Game title] [Play screen]

There are a variety of upgrades that increase weapon damage and spinning speed, and upgrades of troopers that support automatic attacks.

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[Fighter upgrade menu] [Trooper upgrade menu]

There are upgrades of the fighter appearance to increase attack power of the fighter, and a spinner upgrade to increase the values ​​related to the spinner.

KakaoTalk 20171019 104521270 KakaoTalk 20171019 104520464

[Fighter enhancement menu] [Spinner enhancement menu]

The flow of play comes with bosses every 10 stages. If you defeat the boss, you can move on to the next stage. If you fail to defeat the boss, you can upgrade while hunting back the normal monsters from the previous 10 levels. You can also challenge the boss again at any time via the Start Battle button.

You can return when you reach the first 30 stages, and when you return, you can get a reward of star pieces and your fighter upgrade and troop upgrade are initialized. As you progress through more stages, the amount of star pieces will increase and you will be able to make special upgrades that will not be reset even if you return to the star piece. The return is available on the 30, 50, 70 and 90 stages, and after that 100 stages are always available.

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[Return] [Special upgrade of stars]

We has been developed hard, and we will continue to add new updates to make it more fun.

Thank you.

[Spin ​​Fighter Android Download Link]

[Spin Fighter IOS Download Link]

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