Space - The Return Of The Pixxelfrazzer is an open-world sci-fi hack'n'slash. Your aim is to explore the inexhaustible amounts of destructible asteroid fields, spacestations and unknown planets of the universe. And by exploring I mean hacking, slashing and destroing everything that comes into your way. Shredding all kind of objects means getting more resources and getting more resources meens upgrading your ship so you can shred more kind of objects, which rapidly becomes an addicting spiral. And maybe, one day you'll probably find out about one of the most unsolved mystery of our universe... the pixxelfrazzer. Be excited of all the cool features this game brings to you: -all sorts of combinable weapon upgrades and active abilities -procedurely generated infinite world -quests -cool physics -randomly generated music -local co-op -and a lot of love This game grants you an experience that couldn't be any more indie.

mik3k says

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Two words - Awwwwee Some. Why is a game that looks like it should be 25 years old be one of the most fun things ever?

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