Space Music 2 is a Rhythm Sci-Fi Puzzle game with 3 game types and 4 different types of difficulties with also the ability to upload your own songs or music files you can fly on.

Game Types:

Practice Mode
Space Invaders
Skull Attack

With the new system you can compare and view your score with friends or yourself playing a song! Hyper mode is included as well for every mode except Space Invaders. When you collect a number of blocks you will get a warning when Hyper Mode is available. When it is, just right click and you gain additional 20 points for every block.

When in Hyper Mode in Skull Attack skulls cannot disable your ship after a number of points or take as much away.

Space Invaders witch is not much then shooting the same ships is just a way to see how long you last with out dieing.

The game is for free and is a great way to kill time and even upload your own songs to it.

The supported song formats: (mp3, mp2, ogg, flac, wma).
Supported OS are Windows XP & Vista. (Vista Friendly + Laptop Friendly)

Requires: OpenGL 1.2+ supported video card drivers and requires monitor size or resolution size be equal or more then 1027.

Warning: Odd / Non English characters used in your song file's name can crash the game. Just change the name of your file into English characters.

Credits / Team: and Marek himself.
Everyone who helped me out at
Tony (For Visual Studio 2008)
ajm113 (Lead Programmer / Lead 3D Modeler / Assistant Graphics /Lead Sound)

Game Testers / Extra Help for Space Music 2.0
Drakk Lord ( (Assistant Programmer / Assistant Graphics)
spaqin ( (Lead Graphics / Assistant Sound)
Bill Jacobs ( (Voice Actor for Help Guide)

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Well I mite have mentioned a few things to people saying "yeah its close", or "I'm 95 percent done". Well things kept popping up with the game with some problems and even things happening in IRL that was setting the project back here and there. Anyways since I finally fixed up the menu to help guarantee it will work with small resolution monitors.

The min size is 1027 by 726. Eather way the menu system should be fine or look better on wide screens or large screen monitors.

The second last article I think I mentioned I will mention more of the new features added to the game. Well I mite recover what I already said, but if your new then I guest it doesn't matter.

I have fixed up the Xbox controller system with the game so there are settings for it and you can control the ship completely. Though I'm not too satisfied on how it handles, but I hope someone finds it a good feature. Witch reminds me I have to add Hyper Mode into the Xbox controller.

Now your wondering where did Hyper Mode come from? Well I been working on Hyper Mode for 4 days and what it is, it's like a star power or Uber Charge.

Depending on the type of game your playing and how well your doing. When you hit 100-200 blocks on a mode you can right click to activate Hyper Mode. When activated blocks and the world around you moves faster and you gain +10 points for every block.

Skull blocks can still affect you, but if your playing Skull Attack you wont' be badly wounded depending on your score or disabled.

You may even collect more of the same color more then 10 times in a row and you can unlock Hyper Mode real fast if your not doing so well.

A also added effects such as the sun and lines that keep you in bounds get effected by the song. They pretty much just change size by the song. Just to give that feel like it was a concert..

A also bonus feature is the Help Guide voice, he will just introduce you to the game real fast and give you a small touch down of the game types and modes hovering your mouse over the buttons on the menu.

A expected release is some time next month in August unless something comes up. Ether way I'll keep my fans updated.

Stay tune for more news or updates!

Thanks, ajm113!

Looking for Atleast 1-4  Game Testers

Looking for Atleast 1-4 Game Testers


Space Music 2 is almost done and I want to polish or make some changes before release the game with some creative criticism!

Space Music 2.0 First Look

Space Music 2.0 First Look

News 5 comments

This article will tell you why Space Music is becoming fun!

What We Mite See In 2.0

What We Mite See In 2.0


I have some in new work in progress I would like to add to Space Music 2.0.

Space Music 1.3 Release

Space Music 1.3 Release


Space Music 1.3 is just a quick fix update with added features and also fixed up a few problems. The Linux version is still yet to be worked on as far...

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Space Music 2

Space Music 2

Full Version 1 comment

Fly through space listening to your music with different types of modes to choose from! Game plays well on slow computers or old PCs using OpenGL supported...

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SourHyperion1 - - 860 comments

if i could make a few suggestion you should try and add a better fun factor like audio surf has the track and the color changes and guitar hero has powerup and an odd addictiveness what you need is is a good fun factor and time and improvement but so far it is excellent.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ajm113 Creator
ajm113 - - 4 comments

The article just posted was giving a view of the new features in the release and what you said has been pretty much covered. Thanks for playing the beta version. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Wakkaboom - - 469 comments

Cool this looks cool,!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darthmop1 - - 64 comments

this is a Audio Surf clone

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TommyGun00 - - 59 comments

Indeed it is.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lt.SnoWolf - - 1,035 comments

Pretty fun but Still Alive isnt rhythmic AT ALL. Fun still on Hellmarch! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ajm113 Creator
ajm113 - - 4 comments

Thanks, I know that bugs me every night. :)

I know the blocks spawning has been a issue, So I'm working on it so it works for more songs with a smoother tempo or fast tempo.

Thanks, Again.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Heka - - 84 comments

It doesn't go rhythm of the song! Non-sense game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ajm113 Creator
ajm113 - - 4 comments

I never said it would go by the rhythm if you looked at the articles. I mentioned some point I think where I said it would go by pitch changes and it's not that fast to detect pitch changes.

You have to try a verity of songs to see what they are like on the game to like it more. Its difficult to get fast and accurate data with out having the game lag.

Plus it's a first timer game, so I don't know what you would expect from someone like me for a very first game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Arise_from_the_ashes - - 292 comments

I can't wait to try this. The computer I'm working on doesn't have audio capabilty turned on, 'cuz it's a dumb school comp; otherwise I'd totally be playing right now.

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