Space Empires 5 is a sequel to Space Empires 4 and Space Empires:StarFury!Space Empires 5 is an fully 3D turn-based strategy with more features then Space Empires 4 like Scripted AI and Improved Graphics...

Feature List

  • 24bit 3D rendered graphics.
  • Support for 1024x768 and greater resolutions.
  • Turn-Based and Simultaneous Turn Game Play.
  • Detailed Real-Time Tactical Space Combat (and a combat simulator to test your designs!).
  • Detailed Real-Time Tactical Ground Combat (and a combat simulator to test your designs!).
  • Ability to completely design and customize all of your vehicles.
  • Detailed Empire management: Research, Intelligence, Politics, Construction Queues, Vehicle Design, and more.
  • Detailed game setup: Victory Conditions, Restricted Technologies, Galaxy Layout, Player Configuraton, and more.
  • Large Galaxy: 100 solar systems with 15 planets each.
  • Randomly generated map for every game (or load an existing map).
  • Discover: Black Holes, Nebulae, Binary Stars, Trinary Stars, Asteroid Belts, Gas Giants, Cosmic Storms, and more!
  • Huge Technology Tree: Over 6000 tech levels, 500+ components and facilities.
  • Detailed Race Creation: Unique ship models, race picture, racial traits, technology, history, and more.
  • Completely customizable game graphics: Create your own planets, stars, vehicles,etc.
  • Completely customizable data files: All game information is in easily editable text files. Create your own Components, Facilities, Vehicle Sizes, etc.
  • Completely customizable AI players: Create your own AI players with unique traits, styles, and speech (even script the AI yourself!)
  • Game comes with 14 unique races to play or customize (or just create your own!)
  • Right-click menus return!
  • Advanced Political features: Protectorates, Subjugated empires, trade game items, claim territories, form alliances, and more.
  • Random Events: Rebellions, earthquakes, supernovas, industrial accidents, cosmic storms, and the occasional plague!

Some of the improvements over SE4

  • True 3D solar system.
  • 3D space combat.
  • 3D ground combat.
  • Right-click menus to give orders.
  • Government and Society Types.
  • Ship Design with specific hardpoints.
  • Form Alliances of multiple empires.
  • Customizable elements to treaties.
  • Complete game key mapping.
  • Combat with ships emerging from warp points.
  • Task Forces within Fleets.
  • Formations and Strategies for fleets and task forces.
  • SE3 style research.
  • SE3 style intelligence.
  • Planetary Damage.
  • Scriptable AI.
  • Scriptable Intelligence Events.
  • Scriptable External Events.
  • Built in support for Mods.
  • Formulas for data field values.
  • Custom sorting options.
  • Customizable Damage Types.
  • Customizable Planet Atmospheres and Types.
  • Customizable game text and fonts.
  • Customizable score computations.
  • Customizable Victory Conditions.
  • Customizable Unit capabilites.
  • Customizable Ship experience levels
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Hi all, this is the first release of the UI mod for Space Empires V that I've been working on for the past three weeks. Hopefully there are not many bugs there, but if you spot any, feel free to comment or message me. BlueSteel is a simple modification of the UI based on Raapys's DarkUI Mod. It changes the UI to a more uniform space, with black/grey and blue colors as predominant. It does not modify planet textures, ships, race styles etc. Please remember to back up all the interface folders mentioned in the readme.

BlueSteel 0.9

Ships Racial Traits
Main Menu Galaxy Setup

As of now, things that have been modified/added are:

  • New main UI texture
  • Changed all window pics
  • Revamped decorational items in misc windows
  • Main window buttons have been replaced
  • A couple of icons embedded to the UI windows (minister, atmosphere/planet type)replaced
  • Scrollers and checkers
  • HUD Planet/Base status icons
  • Smoothened column icons
Space Empires V modding capabilities

Space Empires V modding capabilities

News 3 comments

As most of modders dont know that Space Empires 5 has more capabilites for modding then previous games so i want you make to know that its possible!

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BlueSteel 0.9

BlueSteel 0.9

BlueSteel Mod Full Version

Version 0.9 of the BlueSteel Mod. A simple modification of the UI based on Raapys's DarkUI Mod (It incorporates some of DarkUI elements such as buttons...

Patch 1.79

Patch 1.79


The 1.79 patch for Space Empires V.

Patch 1.77

Patch 1.77


The 1.77 patch for Space Empires V.

Patch 1.74

Patch 1.74


The Space Empires V patch version 1.74 will update the English U.S. version of “Space Empires V” to version 1.74.

Patch 1.66

Patch 1.66


The 1.66 patch.

Patch 1.63

Patch 1.63


Strategy First has released a new patch for Space Empires: V which brings the game to version 1.63.


Does anyone still play this in public multiplayer? would be fun to burn a couple of saturdays with it

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Yeah, the standard game is not very good, ........ but with the proper mod, as "Balance mod", is second to none of its kind !!!!!

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i reccomend ( makes the game alot cooler.

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THis game rocks, i dont own the original copy ;-(

I first tried to findout the name then when i did it then i tried to find the original copy/cd in stores nothing for now,i have steam account and some games on steam i just need a damn credit card to buy SE5...

Also is there any information that there will be SE6???I got great ideas for ground combat!

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why dont you buy a steam dont need a credit card

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In 2010 you needed one ;)

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