Soulless Wonder is a unique monster girl dating game that featuring the talented illustrations of an artist who has worked for both Marvel and Dark Horse comics. Playing as the cursed bard Lantz you'll try to romance eight different characters ranging from a fox girl, zombie, slime girl, goblin, succubus, and even an eldritch horror inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. The play style is different than many visual novels in that we give the player more options, sort of like a Telltale Games title. Throughout your interactions with each of the girls you will also be trying to win their love to regain a part of Lantz's shattered soul. We encourage players to continue along, dispite their outcome with each of the girls. But that's not all!

Our game also explores various serious topics throughout your adventure. Mental health, grief and loss, bullying, domestic violence, and transgender issues are just some of the subjects the characters deal with in our journey. These are meaningful topics that allow us to give the characters more background and depth. It was important to us to create something different. Soulless Wonder has a cast of complex characters that can fall in love with Lantz, become his friend, or really learn to dispise him depending on how you play.

At times across the chapters of our game, you'll be given a break from usual gameplay. One episode focuses on exploring a mansion and going through notes, journals and letters left behind by the previous residents. Another focuses on joining a warband as they venture into an untamed desert to aid in fighting their enemies! All the while you'll be trying to convince each of the girls you first meet in each region to fall in love with you.

Will Lantz be able to break the curse? What will happen if the girls learn of one another? The poor fox girl recently had her entire tribe decimated by the forces of the human kingdom! How will she react if she comes across Lantz's song book containing ballads celebrating the slaughter of her people? Soulless Wonder lets you explore all of this drama and more, giving you the freedom to decide how Lantz reacts.

The game is intended to be fully voice acted by a cast of talented people. We are also very proud to have Joel Steudler as our composer for the games amazing soundtrack. Along with artist Rod Espinosa who is known for The Courageous Princess, an Eisener and Ignatz award nominated fantasy comic, you know the world of Soulless Wonder is in good hands. Animation and comic book writer Les Major will be weaving the story together. We have already created an introduction segment to our game to prove we can produce this title.

Thanks for your time and we hope you'll help us bring Soulless Wonder to life!

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Ever wanted to date a zombie? How about a slime girl? An Eldrich Horror inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft? Or just a cute and cuddly fox girl? Lantz doesn't have a choice if he wants his soul back! Check out the world of Soulless Wonder and vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Succubus In Alley

Lantz was living the good life. He was dating the most powerful woman in the kingdom, the Paladin Queen Zarwyn. Unfortunately for him, Zarwyn draws the wrong conclusion when she finds Lantz in her bedchamber with a succubus! Placing a curse on Lantz, his soul is shattered! The only way to get his spirit back in his body is to venture forth into the wilds outside the kingdom and romance Zarwyn's most hated enemies. Unfortunately for the bard, Zarwyn hates all monster kind...

Check out the world of Soulless Wonder and vote for us on Steam Greenlight:

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