you have two choices, join the human knights of Gaea, or become a lowly demon who must progress in ranks to become demon king! Your choice, whats your morality?

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two samples made by : Anthony Simmons and Vinni Senatin :) hope you like them

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Anthony Simmons wrote:
i wake up in a hospital bed, i start to look around in the dark room but i could hardly see. i sit up and rub my eyes, my vision started to get better but i could not see from a far distance. i continued to look around , i saw a Shadowy figure pass by the door. i get up slowly and try to walk to the door but i didnt notice the needle in my arm. it gets ripped out my arm while im walking to the door.. i scream"ouchhh!!!!!" i start bleeding badly, i need to stop the bleeding before i die , i could rip my shirt and cover my arm or use the covers on the bed. i chose to rip the bed covers and cover my arm with it. the bleeding didnt stop, i need to stairm pack to make the bleeding stop, i walk to the door and close it , lock both locks and back up to the bed, pick up the needle and am it at the door. the door nob starts to move left to right, something was trying to get in. i craw back to a corner and close my eyes. it starts to bang out the door, with each bang the door locks get weaker and weaker unit it breaks open. the door falls to the ground and a bright light i shined on my face, i look up and see a soldier standing in front of me. he walks to me and lends me his hand, i reach for his, he pulls me up and hands me a hand gun, he says " we have to get out your the only person that's alive in this hospital." i look at him like he crazy and say" whats going on what happened." he walks to the door and says" we dont have much time they could come at anytime." i ask " what could come." he turns around and starts to say" before the d..uhhh." he gets grabbed by something and pulled out the door dropping his flash light. i pick up the flash light and reload my gun. peek out the door and see the trail of blood going right. i could fallow it and find what took him or i could go left and find a exit.

Vinni Seanatin wrote:

Gerald’s LifeThere was once a man named Gerald.Gerald wasn’t a very successful man.He never gone to college.He cheated on his wife.He lost his home because of credit card debtand he gone to live with his parents.That was his choice though.He chose to be unsuccessful.(Thought of this from “The Stanley Parable” mod)Decisions, DecisionsLife has many choices.You decide if you want to go to collegeOr just get a part-time job at fast food.Think of these decisions as a forest with a path.You have to go to your grandmother’s house.There is one path to grandma’sAnd another to the forest.If you choose the path to grandma’s there wont be adventure or amusement but you will completer your goals.If you choose the path to the forest there is adventure and amusement but you haven’t completed your goals yet.You decide where you want to go.The path of goalsOr the path irresponsibility.(Thought of this from the game “The Path”)Thanks For Reading

Hope you like them and remember the credits go to Anthony Simmons (ghost59 moddb name) and Vinni Senatin
Thank you all,
Gabriel (u-raptor, head of raptor development)

u-raptor Author

Sorry, the poem part was made in a design but i couldnt center it for some reason:/

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u-raptor Author

you guys kind of need to comment on what you like/dislike. It helps a lot to know what the people playing the game like.

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