This is a visual novel about two girls and a grim reaper. You play as Harper, a 15 year old girl killed in a car crash in the beginning of the game. Having other plans than dying, she makes a deal with Death. If she kills one person a month from then by midnight, Death will accept that as compensation and move on. Harper will die some other year. If not, Death will take her life when the month is up. Harper takes the deal. She's brought back to life and given the month. Death instructs her to kill Dolly, another girl in her classroom. To Harper, it sounds easy enough. Empathy isn't familiar with her, and she's willing to use that in her favor with her life at stake. She's almost never felt a need to be close to anyone, and in the rare times she does find loneliness, she finds ways to ignore it, distract herself. But when she begins talking to Dolly - a loner like herself with a love of ghosts and escaping reality into the realm of imagination - an unexpected bond begins.

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Update [o1]


This is the first update for "Somewhere, a Clock is Ticking" so hello, hi to the community here. Hopefully there will be enough art/design updates on this project's indiedb page to keep some of you compelled.

The last character sprite out of the three is in the works - playable character, Harper - before the background art and script get started, so here's a little preview:

Should be finished with it later today.

There's a few other sites I'm updating SACIT-ness with, so here's a quick list of them:

Forum Thread
Deviantart Account
Tumblr Account
Soundtrack Playlist
More updates to come pretty soon, including downloadable wallpapers, possiblymaybe some printable stuff, and finally a short demo.


the art style is adorably interesting, will keep my eye on this

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