Valchion is a action RPG with retro graphics and simple mechanics. It features bright, GameBoy Color-styled visuals, and a (hopefully) memorable soundtrack. It should be released for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It's also being made with the Blender Game Engine, which features fast game creation and no time spent exporting to an external engine.

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A little more progress on Soldier Of, and a posting of the BGM on SoundCloud.

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Hello, again, everyone. This is just a little status update for Soldier Of. Recently, I worked on getting joystick controls to work, and they currently work fairly well. They weren't a huge pain to implement, and I could see finishing up functionality to work with both joysticks and keyboard keys easily. Basically, rather than checking two times for two different sets of inputs for each condition:

python code:
if KeyDown(logic.kbleft) or (logic.joystick and obj['jstate'].AxisDown(0, -1)):

if KeyDown(logic.kbright) or (logic.joystick and obj['jstate'].AxisDown(0, 1)):

# Repeat for each and every time I check for input (rolling, shooting, secondary item usage, NPC interaction...

I basically made a set of variables that would equate to keyboard (or joystick) presses. By checking those, I only have to set up the set once, and can reference that throughout the player code:

kldown = KeyDown(logic.kbleft) or (logic.joystick and obj['jstate'].AxisDown(0, -1))
krdown = KeyDown(logic.kbright) or (logic.joystick and obj['jstate'].AxisDown(0, 1))

klpressed = KeyPressed(logic.kbleft) or (logic.joystick and obj['jstate'].AxisPressed(0, -1))
krpressed = KeyPressed(logic.kbright) or (logic.joystick and obj['jstate'].AxisPressed(0, 1))


if kldown: # You're walking left, either by pressing the left-arrow key (default binding) or by pressing the D-Pad left on the joystick (with joystick mode enabled).

I don't have a 360 controller - just a PS2 - USB adapter and a PS2 controller that I like to play around with, but this means that you should be able to use any joystick controller to play the game. It's good that Blender's cross-platform - otherwise, it might be 360 controller only! I'll have to ensure that I include an ability to remap controls, though, since different gamepads send input different ways (just the two PS2-style gamepads I have send inputs different ways!). It felt pretty cool to run around with the gamepad - a little bit more fun. :D

I also uploaded the background music to my SoundCloud account, since the video was a little choppy. I'm happy with Tides (the sewer BGM), but Sun's Aria (the city BGM) could be longer and more complex - I could see it getting annoying very quickly. You can check out the music here.

Finally, I got the jumping mechanic to work a little more reliably (the player character's collision mesh was a little too large), particularly near fences. I'll have to make sure that you'll get a chance (and a reason) to jump a couple some time. ;)

Welp, that's it. Feel free to follow my development on my YouTube channel or here. Thanks!


Woa, really nice, i'm not really a big fan on controllers, evan tough i did buy a X360 one for some special games.

This is a neat little feature, keep it up :)

Suggestion: upload the music here too (under the video tab) ^^ And yeah, its pretty cool :D

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