Slender: The Nine Pages begins with the player in a basement. The player is equipped with a flashlight and He is able to run for a short period of time before running out of breath. The objective of the game is to find nine pages and then escape from there.

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It's a great game, but needs some bug fixes. I was playing it and my flashlight went off and I couldnt turn it back on and I couldnt pick up notes, either. Please fix this glitch! Other than that, it's a rally great game. Very scary!

The scariest Slender games ever made so far, really well done.

Not much has changed from the original formula. But it is an improvement over the original.

Una incontrolable experiencia terrorifica que absorbe e insta al jugador a seguir jugando. Aparentando simpleza, Slender: The Nine Pages es uno de los grandes exponentes de los juegos de terror actuales.


Combining the classical Slender standup with a fully closed area makes the game even more scary. But the empty places and corridors make the game less scary. Filling it with pipes, various standing cloth hangers would make it better.


I never played a slender game before but this one was gaining so much popularity I decided to give it a try. This game scared the crap out of me again and again and I found no bugs or glitches while playing I believe this deserves a 10/10 for my first experience

Good Work man ;) Nosferatu Alucard :)

Love the game <3

is a fantastic game


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