Designed as a classic tycoon game, Ski Park Tycoon is a ski resort simulation game that will put your strategic thinking skills and creativity to the test. Featuring sophisticated micromanagement, the campaign mode offers a variety of exciting missions that take at least 15 hours to complete. Enjoy the highly addictive gameplay while the sandbox mode for unlimited playability will keep you entertained long after you accomplish your last mission.

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Jan 6 2013 Anchor

Hello Everyone ! I noticed the community is kinda small, but anyway I almost finished the game, and so, I though it was time to give my oppinion to help the developpers and hesitating possible players etc...
This is some sort of Review and idea thread, everyone should be free to post their oppinion and ideas. And so I shall begin ! Also, sorry if there are some mistakes in my English, I'm french. And to make it sound legit, I played most ski park managing games from Ski resort tycoon in 2000 to this one.

Overal :

An excellant game. It has many positive points for sure and an incredibly huge potential, but if someone asked me, I would probably say it's still an Alpha version. The graphics are okay, no need for something fancy, the buildings are quite realistic and the gameplay enjoyable. Most of the grunt work has been done.

What NEEDS to be added/updated (In My Oppinion)

=> Weird maps. Some of them are ok, but others a cruelly unrealistic. Most valleys have a north face pretty steep and a south face smoother. I didn't really saw it here, maybe new maps/updated maps can be made inspired by real stations.

=> Buildings. Actually, there is a cruel lack of buildings. Mostly, accomodation. We build a ski resort or a skiing area ? We need hotels, shops, leisure buildings (bowling, skating rinks). It will help generate profit and so, make the game more realistic : people should buy a pass at a visitor center and not pay at each lift hill wich is really weird and my god my resorts look like the most expensive in the whole world ! Even if it seems to copy Ski Resort Tycoons or Ski Park Managers. But I really think there is something to do here that cruelly lacks.

=>Fun items. And I don't mean weird stuff, but maybe Half Pipes /Slaloms, Jumps and organisation of world competitions. Great Scenario idea and quite fun no ? Like you need to build them, a certain amount of hotels, a skating rink etc...

=> Lifts choice. Even if the actual choices are way better than any other game I've played - I still lacks a little customisation. 2-4-6-8 Seaters for chairlifts, 4-6-8-12 Cabins for gondolas etc...and maybe the color too ? =3

=> Bug correction. I know it's still the firsts version so I won't be picky. There are not a lot, the most annoying is the hospital wich is, useless.

=> Run construction. Why can't runs cross !? And the way to build them is complicated, it's impossible to make turns for exemple, it always has to be straight and the form of the mountain. Ski Park Managers's system is the best IMO you guys should take a look at it.

=> Landscaping. Goes with the runs, no landscaping is really annoying.

=> Decorative objects : simple, they do not exist. Maps ? Lights ? Fountains ? Benches ? Trash cans ? Atms ?

=> Disasters : Avalanches maybe humm ?

Now the "little things"

=> Big station = huge lag, 5 seconds to put a cot. And I play World of Warcraft full graphics with no lags on my computer.
=> Interface. I don't like it personnaly, right clicking everywher... I prefer the classic menus. But that's my opinion.
=> Sandboxes. I hate to start from scratch at each difficulty level. Why not a sort of Roller coster Tycoon 3 system where achivieving a goal leads to another one ? Also, maybe adding descriptions to the maps, and diffuclty levels for the maps as well and change difficulties with for exemple, research needed for unlocking buildings and less money at start ?...
=>Scenarios : Same thing.
=> Riding the lifts could be cool rather than the extremely fast climbing we currenty have, I want to ride the lifts and enjoy the view, not pretend to be superman.

Conclusion :

Huge potential, really good Alpha version very promising updates can be made. If all of the things I've said before could be made in full final version, this game would totaly beat all the others and can triple it's current price. These are my suggestions, maybe some other players have nice ideas too ? Don't hesitate to critic, it helps making something good even better =3. I must say to finish that the developpers already made an astonishing job, this will be the best, I'm sure ! !

Barrow =3

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Jan 7 2013 Anchor

Thanks for your comprehensive review.

Let me comment your suggestions.

=> Weird maps.
New maps are just beeing made. They are real world locations designed with aerial photographs and geographical data.

=> Buildings. and =>Fun items.
I wanted to concentrate on lift and slope construction. Hotels and lodges are simplified to parking lots (affecting park capacity). Plus I have just basic services needed to run the park. Of course there could be hundreds of different buildings. I just dont have the resources to create so many assets as in AAA game. I think you would prefer to see more lifts than buildings.

=> Lifts choice.
I plan to add more lifts.

=> Bug correction.
There are always bugs to cath. What is the problem with hospital? Too expensive?

=> Run construction.
I will see what I can do.

=> Landscaping.
Technically not so easy with my engine.

=> Decorative objects :
This is something that annoyed me in all tycoons and I never used them. Besides they would be too small to be visible 90perc of playing time (watching from birds perspective)

=> Disasters : Avalanches

Jan 7 2013 Anchor

Thank you for responding :p Fine for the buildings and objetcs =2 I just don't know how big is the project, how many people work on it etc... it was just an idea for realism even though I still think special runs with jumps etc could be very nice addition.

For the hospital it seems that the can I Say...don't take off ? Just turns quickly on itself but never get up the roof. Theres 10 000 I won't see again :o !
Anyway I can't wait to test the futur updates =3 I'm already starting to spread the word of the game on a few websites, if it can help ;)

Good luck, may the snow be with you.

Oct 9 2013 Anchor

I've been going through the game a bit lately-currently only the demo, and have been interested in perhaps creating some content for it. So far editing existing buildings/lifts in parameters and visuals is working well enough, however trying to add new ones gives a range check error on start up... looking at if i can overcome that...

Nov 9 2013 Anchor

3 person chairlift
6 or 8-person detachable chairlift

or Telemix :)

besides, why the 4/6 quad chairlift is ONLY ONE GOAL!

sorry for the mistakes I am from Polish :)

If I buy the game on Steam / Desura if I will have the update option?

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Nov 19 2013 Anchor

Hello ;)
Would it be possible to get language packs? I could help you to translate in French, German or/and Italian...

reg. closing/opening lifts: if closed, running costs should be reduced significantly (and possibly closed alo "optically" in game = e.g. no chairs running on lift)
Would it be possible also to close slopes e.g. in order to concentrate traffic on slopes with better snow conditions?

Hi, I've got another idea but I don't know whether it's workable.
Would it be possible to chane end of day with back rush, similar at start, instead of ending abruptly?
For this it would be helpful if at least cable-car & aerial tram function both ways, means down to top and top to down - like in real life. ;) If also possible with chair-lifts it's even better ;)

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